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We recentlty added a link for all the homes currently for sale in the Somersett Del Webb community of Sierra Canyon. Take a look below at my tongue in cheek blog of the corporate world of Pulte homes that are being built in Del Webb at Somersett. They are very fine homes and a wonderful community, but they do have that "policy".

"What is it going to take to put you in this house today", are you buying a house or a car? Walk into the sales center at Sierra Canyon at Somersett and let me know if that is how they make you feel. I am a big proponent of Somersett and Sierra Canyon but I have a pet peeve and it is the way potential buyers are treated when they walk into the Del Webb sales center in Somersett.

There have been times when I'm showing houses in Somersett and my buyer wanted to just take a look at their models to see if it is something they are interested in. Before you are able to look at the models they want you to fill out a form, a survey, a questionnaire, a poll, (this is sarcasm) there are not that many forms it just seems that way.

Oh yeah, that infamous policy, if a buyer comes into their sales office without their Realtor, that Realtor will not make a commission if that buyer buys a home, I understand the theory here. I recently had a buyer who is 58 and did not want to look at the homes at Del Webb because she thought it was a bunch of old fogies, I convinced her that it was very active and she should take a look. So on a Sunday afternoon she went for a drive and ended up giving them a deposit without her Realtor.

I gave the sales manager a call and told her what happened and they politely told me to go fly a kite. I understand the policy but their needs to be some common sense here. You would think that Sierra Canyon would want to work together and foster long term relationships.

Reno is still a small town and big companies like Pulte need to understand that. I have worked with Monterey, Toll Brothers and Silver Star in Somersett and have great working relationships. But wait a minute I just realized what is going on, when you are in meetings with a suit on and you have sales and traffic reports in front of you, you have to make policies. Even though I'm sitting here in my shorts on my patio I think I will make a policy and here it is.

When I get a buyer that wants to buy a home in the Reno Del Webb community, I will make sure I sell them a re sale home, short sale or foreclosure, pretty simple. If you would like a list of these properties for sale visit my website at

Dear Mr. Pulte, I would type in Somersett Real Estate in your favorite search engine and see what site comes up number one, I would think you would want to have a good working relationship with whoever that is. Have a nice day!

David Hughes



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Pat Gaskill

Couldn't agree more. My parents are considering moving here in the next year of two and during one of their visits to us, we decided to drive down the street and take a peek at their models. It was a pathetic experience. Felt like we were in the Timeshare sales spin cycle from the time we walked in. I apologized to my parents and promised to never show them an over 50 community again. That was over a year ago and I still feel bad about putting my folks through that.

David Hughes

Pat, unfortunately I couldn't agree more, I think it is a great community and the people that live there love it. But the corporate process is painful.


Weird. My husband & I moved from the Pacific Northwest to Del Webb Sierra Canyon in Reno. We didn't experience any sales tactics like the ones you mention. Sales staff were professional, low key, let us tour the model homes on our own. Gave us a brochure & we were on our way. They did give us a bottle of water, but again, we didn't view that as high pressure.

David Hughes

Phoebe, that is great news and I agree with you, I do think the atmosphere has changed in their sales office. I have had very good experiences with Pam over there, she is very professional and knows the product. As realtors she has done a great job of keeping us posted on their upcoming houses. Glad you had a good experience.

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