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Foreclosures in Reno

Your Search for Reno Foreclosures Just Got Easier

David Hughes posted this 1,854 Views

With all the foreclosures going up for sale in the area it is hard not to be overwhelmed in your search for the perfect home, investment property, etc.  Our staff at has just taken all the difficulty out of it.  You can now search ALL the foreclosures in the Reno – Sparks area on our website.  We made it simple to search by separating all the foreclosures by price range.  All the foreclosures that are listed within the Reno MLS system are all inclu...

Reno Tenants Victims of Foreclosures

David Hughes posted this 1 1,915 Views

About 40% of all evictions in Washoe County are tenants who have done nothing wrong.  They pay their rent and then the sheriff shows up at their door to give them 3 days to move out. The owner of the home did not make the payments and the unsuspecting tenant gets the boot once the foreclosure is final. If you are one of these landlords please contact your tenant and let them know what is going on. Yes, you are mad at the bank, the economy, whatever, there is no reason to possi...

Reno Foreclosures to be sold at Auction

David Hughes posted this 2,861 Views

There will be 300 foreclosure that will be sold this week in Nevada, 39 of them will be in Reno and the rest will be in Las Vegas. Banks are increasingly turning to auction companies like Hudson and Marshall to sell their vast inventories of unsold foreclosures. According the National Associaion of Realtors in the fourth quarter of 2008 45% of all real estate transactions were foreclosures. Nevada lead the charge with a 133% increase in sales in the fourth quarter of 2008 over the same pe...

Reno Real Estate Taxes

David Hughes posted this 4,406 Views

One of the biggest questions I get when selling real estate is, "Will my property taxes go up when I buy a home". The answer is "No". We are not a prop 13 or market value state like California which puts your tax at 1% of the sales price and stays there until you sell the property. If you bought your property 30 years ago and paid $100,000 your annual taxes are still $1000 per year, where as your neighbor who just paid $700,000 for the house next door is paying $7...

Reno Foreclosures Update

David Hughes posted this 1,913 Views

There are some homes in our area that are taking a beating, literally. Some disgruntled homeowners are taking out their frustration on the home as they are going through the foreclosure process as their castles are being taken from them. Appliances, fixtures, windows, door handles, whatever they can pry loose or load in their truck is what some of these unhappy homeowners are taking with them. As their dream of home ownership comes to an end, so does the condition of the home. It does not...

Common Reno Foreclosure Scams

David Hughes posted this 1 1,801 Views

In these crazy times you are going to get lots of calls from people wanting to help you with your mortgage troubles.  Be extremely careful as these people will tell you what you want to hear to get you out of trouble. Once there is a notice of default recorded it is public record that you are in trouble. There are people out there who will take advantage of you in this situation.  My policy is that I do not do business with anybody who has come to me via a sales ...

Reno Housing up 47%

David Hughes posted this 1,442 Views

  From this October to last October sales in Washoe County have increased by 47%, but October of 2007 was a horrible month for sales. In this uncertain market any increase is a good one. There were 348 sales in Washoe County this past October, of which half of them were foreclosures. The other bad news is the median price is down 22% from October of 2007. The median home price in Reno is $274,000 and in Sparks it is $215,000.  Right now approx. 50% of all the ...

Reno Real Estate 101: The state of the market

David Hughes posted this 1,117 Views

  Ok folks, here it is.  Right now in the greater Reno Sparks and outlying areas there are currently 2817 homes on the market. Of those 18%, or 505, are foreclosures and 33%, or 923, are short sales. Short sales are where the sellers are trying to sell their homes for less than they owe and the bank has to agree to this, which in about 80% of the time, they cannot come to an agreement and the bank ends up foreclosing on the seller anyway (stay away from these whenever p...

Reno Foreclosure Update

David Hughes posted this 1,207 Views

Last night I was interviewed by KRNV Channel 4 about the growing number of foreclosures and the damage that is being done to them by the sellers, as their homes are being taken back by the banks. Shelby Sheehan asked me about these eyesores that sit for months with dead grass and sometimes people will even move into these homes and camp out until the bank gets control of these homes.  Shelby also asked me when their is damage done by a seller, or others, to these home...

Somersett Open House weekend

David Hughes posted this 1,402 Views

This weekend on Sunday from 1-4 there will be approx. 40 open houses throughout the Somersett master planned community in the western foothills of Reno. A lot of the homes will be featured on the Dickson Realty Real Estate today show that will also air 12 times this weekend. The listing agents in Somersett have organized to have almost half of every home on the market in Somerett open this weekend. There will be maps available at the town center of all the open houses or you can...