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David Phillips

Marietta Real Estate Will Wait for Me, Right?

David Phillips posted this 1 1,185 Views

OK, maybe it is the looming expiration of the home buyer's tax credit that is spurring this surge in sales.  Perhaps the deals are getting too good to turn down regardless of a tax incentive.  We will know more after May 1st.  But for now the Marietta Real Estate market is hopping. Why do I know this?  Because I am looking to buy a home in Marietta too!  Three phone calls, three property showings, three offers, three shut-outs.  How co...

Updated Foreclosure Charts for Cobb County, Georgia

David Phillips posted this 1,415 Views

It took me a quite a while to get the energy to update the charts.  See the previous blog entry about data loss.  Anyway, here are the current foreclosure charts that I have published on my website (along with amplifying data). Just from a year to year comparison you can see the increase in the notices of sale.  This next chart includes a trend line that averages and smoothes out the monthly listings.  The trend is pretty obvious and supports what the news is more ...

How to Recover Your Data When Your Hard Drive Crashes (and You Didn't Back It Up)

David Phillips posted this 5 2,422 Views

This might be a bit off topic for a real estate blog.  That is, unless you happen to track all of your real estate transactions and financials on your laptop.  Additionally, you think that backing up your data SEEMS like a good idea but is truly a hassle since you just don't have the time.  Ya, me too... Don't panic!  Something like 85% of all hard drive failures are recoverable.  Now, my next big question is not really a question, but perhaps you will get the ...

David Phillips, a Fairly Common Name

David Phillips posted this 1 1,152 Views

I do a lot of work online.  Developing my real estate website is one of my primary tasks.  As a result, I track several metrics while trying to figure out how people are finding me online.  Turns out, I am usually in the top 10 for "David Phillips."  Now is it because everyone knows me?  Or perhaps everyone knows at least one of us and wants to know more.  After using this little tool, I am starting to think that I am not quite as popular as my ego wou...

Cobb County Neighborhoods Along with Relevant HOA Info and Home Values

David Phillips posted this 2,936 Views

When it comes to buying and selling your home, there is one important factor that needs to be answered right away; What is my home worth?  Never an easy question for Buyers, Sellers, or real estate agents, this is the focal point of any movement in a real estate transaction. To get you started, we have taken the time to list some of the most popular subdivisions in Cobb County along with the approximate sales range (actual homes sold) and relevant HOA link to the community (if availa...

Declining Home Values as a Result of the Foreclosure Market

David Phillips posted this 1,092 Views

  In response to my post from yesterday, Ryan Ward shot me an email discussing some of the finer points of investment real estate.  He asked an for an opinion and I fired back with a response based on what I know about the goings on in the area of Cobb County foreclosures.  I reviewed my answer, asked his permission, and figured others might enjoy reading a portion of our correspondence. Ryan:  "So do you think that inventories are going to continue to rise a...

Cobb County Foreclosures

David Phillips posted this 2 1,872 Views

First off, thanks to Ryan Ward for helping me to publish this chart.  I have been collecting this data for years and just couldn't figure out how to convert my spreadsheet into an image suitable for uploading.  The solution was elusive and he explained it in about one sentence.  Thanks Ryan. OK, on to the data.  We were looking forward to a slow May at the auction, but you can see that it will be anything but slow.  There aren't as many investors as in past ye...

Don’t Jump on the Foreclosure Bandwagon… Just Yet

David Phillips posted this 973 Views

Here is a quick summary of the article in case you just don’t have the time.  Too many people are going straight into foreclosure without even attempting to sell their home.  If you get it, then no need to read further.  For the rest of us, here is the long version: I get more calls than you might believe from distressed home owners wanting to know the ramifications of bankruptcy or foreclosure on their credit.  The short answer is that it is devastating (actuall...

Quit Claim Deeds Don't Work (& Neither Do Land Trusts)

David Phillips posted this 3,733 Views

This can best sum up this entire article, “if you don’t pay your mortgage, you will lose your home.”  That’s pretty much it.  Sorry.  If you are in need of help, please read on.  This should at least be a good start on what NOT to do and might even help prevent you from slipping even further into debt.   Understand that there are several scams out there looking to take the very last dollar in your wallet, while promising to s...