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Eric Blackwell - an REW Customer paying it forward.

Eric Blackwell posted this 1 1,188 Views

Over this past weekend, 22 members of the US Navy's elite SEAL Team 6 lost their lives in a helicopter crash in Afghanistan. It was the worst loss of life that the SEALS have ever experienced. Due to the nature of what they do, their families and identities are sheilded from media exposure. While that is totally understandable, it also makes it difficult for people to do what they are inclined to do: Pay our respects and try to help out. Many of the children will only hear that their dad ...

Google+ for Realtors Part Deux

Eric Blackwell posted this 1,404 Views

Warning...long post ahead.I hope it is worth it. :-) I think it will be. ;-) Ok, so my first post on the subject was about how links are followed in Google plus. This post is going to be a little bit more detailed look at that and why. Lots of SEO people have taken a shot at giving people recommendations on Google plus usage, but the truth is that the platform is so new at this point that it will LIKELY change. That's important. Early in the development of every major social netowrkin...

Google + Thoughts for REALTORS

Eric Blackwell posted this 2 834 Views

I make it a point not to write to often to this blog (or any other for that matter) unless I truly have something to share. I have been on Google + and watching how it works for the past few weeks and want to share some of what I am seeing with you. This is the first of likely a few posts on the subject. Whenever we write on someone else's site you know that the rules can always change. But for now at least, there are some decent reasons to at least 1) set up a Google plus account and 2) ...

Carolyn Capalbo contest - my view from Southern Indiana

Eric Blackwell posted this 3 1,337 Views

First off, this is shaping up pretty well and I am extremely proud of the REW family for pitching in.  I thought that now would be a good time to offer some observations on how it is going.  I hope some of my thoughts will start some conversations and some learning not only about online reputation management, but of SEO in general. Contests in general are good places to learn. It fortifies a truth that I have always held to. "Competition by it's nature is not about one...

Downtown Louisville Lofts & Condos - Mercantile Lofts is Amazing

Eric Blackwell posted this 4,988 Views

My friend (and an agent in our office) Joann Rankin was talking to me about a downtown condo development that she is marketing. I am sure that there are many cities in the world where there are Condos and Lofts that are centrally located to the Downtown area, but in Louisville, the choices are limited and (in my estimation) this place blows any of the other choices away. Here are a couple of videos that she shared with me. They  show why this development is outstanding. Mercantile Lo...

REMAX Convention 2010 Orlando

Eric Blackwell posted this 7 3,892 Views

This March, I have been invited to teach Search Engine Optimization at the REMAX Convention 201 in Orlando Florida. I have mentioned in previous posts about having lots of REMAX and really enjoying getting together every year and reconnecting (and trading war stories-grin). REMAX Convention 2010 - The Agenda Actually, MY agenda will be including meeting up with Marnie Blanco (see my previous blog post about her). I am also looking forward to the keynote speech by mary matalin...

A Christmas wish for Natasha

Eric Blackwell posted this 6 1,837 Views

Sunday night, I was sitting at home, when a co-worker from our real estate office called me. For over a week, she had been feverishly working on getting paperwork and all of the other issues tied up to bring an 11 year old girl, Natasha from an orphanage in the Ukraine to America for an 18 day visit and eventually for a potential adoptive family here in North America. I was touched by her efforts at trying to give a young person a new life here in the USA (or Canada for that matter...). I...

YouTube has become a traffic monster...

Eric Blackwell posted this 1 1,807 Views

Yesterday afternoon ComScore reported that there were over 10 Billion (yes that is a B) videos viewed in September alone. Here is one account of what that means that I hope you will find interesting. In case you did not click on that link and read to the bottom, please do. These statistics are telling. YouTube is WELL ahead of Yahoo in terms of searches as well. And look right below that to the video of Coldwell Banker at SES 2009. Interesting at least to me Google was #1 with 9.4 bil... entering the SEO fray

Eric Blackwell posted this 9 2,019 Views

I find it interesting some of the changes that I have been observing lately in R,com. Up until now, they have shunned an SEO centric approach in favor of name recognition. Now it seems, they are playing the SEO game for real. Those who know me well realize just how much I dislike and those who portend to help REALTORS while not helping anyone but themselves. Anyway enough of that.... Here's what they are apparently starting to target: Google this phrase:   Home...

REW Conference...the slides from my presentation

Eric Blackwell posted this 1 1,542 Views

Good evening! First off, thanks a BUNCH to the REW Crew for a great Summit! I wanted to post the slides from my presentation at the REW Conference. After looking at them, I realize that they are just bullet points and leave some of the things that I said incomplete. As I get time in the next day or so, I will be writing about some of the techniques that we talked about at the conference on this blog. Thanks again to everyone for making it a great event and to all who were able to ma...