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Agent or FSBO

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by Guest Author Ryan Ward, Classic Atlanta Properties According to the National Association of REALTORS, approximately 13% of homes that were sold in 2005, were sold by owner. The most common reasons people elect to try to sell their own home are a desire to save equity that would otherwise be paid in commission. A previous bad experience with a real estate agent or broker. and finally the idea that a professional, full time Realtor® is not needed for them to sell thei...

New Homes in Louisville

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The Louisville New Home Showcase is officially a hit!  if you are looking for a new home in Louisville, it has become the destination of choice! When we started the effort several months ago, we did not realize how many people would rather buy a home new rather than used. What we have tried to do is provide you a quick way to look at Louisville's best new homes and the builders who create them. To date, several THOUSAND people have gone to the site in search of quality builders creat...

Louisville Schools

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One of the first things that crosses a family's mind when moving is "How do I find the right school for my kids? I especially share your concern. I have 4 kids and 2 of them have special needs. One has autism and the other has Asperger Syndrome . Louisville Schools in 3 Easy Steps What you need is solid, objective information and a way to compare the current schools that your children are enrolled in to the schools in your new area. I use GreatSchools.net for this purpose. Y...

Prospect Kentucky -- A Louisville Neighborhood profile

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Are you thinking of moving to Prospect? I Here's a little something about Prospect's history, demographivs, schools and current real estate market. Prospect Schools Many people have the opinion that Kentucky schools (like Louisville and Propsect) are below the standards of many other areas. I have not found this to be true at all! My favorite way to evaluate schools is to go to www.greatschools.net. They have up to date test scores on national and state standardized tests for e...