Google+ for Realtors Part Deux


Warning...long post ahead.I hope it is worth it. :-) I think it will be. ;-)

Ok, so my first post on the subject was about how links are followed in Google plus. This post is going to be a little bit more detailed look at that and why.

Lots of SEO people have taken a shot at giving people recommendations on Google plus usage, but the truth is that the platform is so new at this point that it will LIKELY change. That's important. Early in the development of every major social netowrking platform there are lots of changes as they vie to please everyone and gain traction. The follow up truth to that first one is that when they change the platform MANY of the SEO types' recommendations change as well. That may happen, so if you are reading this months down the road from when I posted it, please check to make sure things have not changed.

The person who has done the best write up to date (in my opinion) is Eric Ward's write up in Search Engine Land. I have linked it here for convenience. It also contains link to some other reading. Some of it I agree with and some I do not, but it is good background material. (Kudos to Bill Hartzer who writes occaisionaly here on the REW forum for the write up there!) Another great reason to hang out here.

While some people are noticing that Google plus pages are starting to be indexed and that is great, my focus has been more on some basic principles for REALTORS to follow. Below are several recommendations that should be of some help. They are NOT put forward as ways to spam. They are offered as ways to keep the social media time that you use to good use in a way that Google can measure it and (potentially) reward you in ways that facebook does not, How much weight will be put on G+ in the algo is anyones guess and at this early stage of the game there is no way for Google to put much weight on it...except to say that they MAY (theory on my part) be using that as a way to benefit those who participate in the early stages of the platform and they MAY alter the weight a bit as they gain enough data in their grid to actually put some weight on it.

OK..enough theory. Here is what I am trying to do on Google Plus...

Google Plus for REALTORS - The bottom line

1) BUILD CONNECTIONS. Just like any social media site, the size of your influence expands with the number of people who you can reach with a single click. If you Share a link directly in your stream, the link is followed. If you have more friends, you have (ostensibly) built more links.

2) FORWARDING SHARED LINKS is a followed link if you are the person sending it and a followed link to the url that is being shared, but the link to the original person who shared it is no followed. This means that it is a good thing to share stuff that you get from others that is interesting and on topic. This also means that the system (in my opinion) is designed to benefit in a big way those who share content that goes viral. Makes sense, This also reinforces the point that it is important to expand the number of friends you have.

3) Include enough text to have a take on something and to hopefully describe what you are sharing. This is important to help the shared link get forwarded, but also we do not yet know how Google will treat the text of a shared link. We DO know that Google is a librarian and its usually best with librarians to be totally clear so they file the page in right part of the library. Even though we do not know HOW this data will be used, we can assume that "Check this out!" is not going to feed the bulldog. ;-) You might as well add something to the conversation.

4) Your profile is the point where your authority accumulates. Make sure to list your real estate site and / or your real estate blog there. Those links are currently followed.

5) Bring your Facebook friends over to G+. The bigger the group of firends that you have, the more perceived influence you have.

6) +1 the things that you like on the web (like REW! see the home page) and do it honestly. There are already people spamming the system and that is not cool. No need for that,

7) Keep it social. (OK this is not really anything to do SEO, just a pet peeve of mine. ;-) ) Social media is about socializing and having fun and not about blatant self promotion. I try really hard not to be "THAT" guy -grin

There are a lot more ways to use Google plus to accumulate authority over time... what are some of your favorites?

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