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One of the first things that crosses a family's mind when moving is "How do I find the right school for my kids? I especially share your concern. I have 4 kids and 2 of them have special needs. One has autism and the other has Asperger Syndrome .

Louisville Schools in 3 Easy Steps

What you need is solid, objective information and a way to compare the current schools that your children are enrolled in to the schools in your new area. I use GreatSchools.net for this purpose. You can compare the schools DIRECTLY and see how they rank on national and state tests.

The second step is to contact a REALTOR . Beieve it or not, these guys and gals are typically AWESOME at knowing which schools parents really rave about. Since i work in a RE/MAX ofice , i get to see this in action everyday. These people care...They simply want you to find the perfect home in Louisville with the perfect Louisville schools for your family.

Step Number 3 is to find out what parents who actually HAVE their kids at the school think. You can find some reviews at great schools.net, but the best way is to walk around the neighborhood you are potentially moving to and ask some parents what they think...Think about it...if someone came to you and asked what you thought about you child's school, wouldn't you be pretty frank with them?

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