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Proctor Associates

New Carlisle Group Condos in Edmonton Sure to Sell Fast

Proctor Associates posted this 1,798 Views

The Elements at McConachie is a new development planned for Edmonton home buyers which will undoubtedly prove to be very popular with anyone who’s looking to buy an inexpensive, well-located condominium home. The first phase of this project will be opening up to buyers at the end of April and will include 2-bedroom condos with a starting price of $120,000. Other phases of this development will also feature one-bedroom condos. The developer for this fabulous project i...

House Prices on the Rise: Report

Proctor Associates posted this 763 Views

Gas and Tim Horton’s prices aren’t the only things on the way up – according to the Teranet-National Bank Composite House Price Index, home prices across the country are heading for higher ground. The Index, which was published at the end of March and includes data through January 2011, noted that home prices rose 0.4% in January compared to 0.3% in December. Prices in January 2011 also rose a huge 3.9% versus January 2010. Overall, however, year-over-year price comparisons poi...

Simple and Effective Home Energy (and Money!) Saving Tips

Proctor Associates posted this 1,047 Views

As energy prices rise and more people open their utility bills with jaw-dropping awe, saving money by following simple and effective home energy savings tips is smarter than ever. And of course, it goes without saying that reducing energy use at home helps the environment (though when it’s -30 outside with the wind chill, it’s hard to make friends with the Great Outdoors…) Here’s what you can start doing NOW to save some money and save the environment: Switch to compact ...

Understanding Credit Reports

Proctor Associates posted this 1,001 Views

In Edmonton and across Canada, the three largest credit bureaus are Trans Union, Equifax and Experian. Each of them collect and maintain credit information on you (whether you know this or not), and store that information in a giant database.  It is customary for credit bureaus to use the following criteria to calculate your credit score: History: what were these payments, were they made on time, etc.? Amounts owing: this includes who you owe these amounts to Length ...

Is it Time to Switch Mortgages from Variable to Fixed?

Proctor Associates posted this 2,197 Views

Unless you’re one of the lucky few who have the “problem” of not knowing how to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just hanging around inside your bank account (now that’s a problem worth having!), you’re going to need a mortgage to purchase your next house. That much is clear. But what isn’t so clear is the wide world of interest rates – in particular, whether variable is the right way to go, or whether fixed is the smarter option. Well, to be very frank with you: I can’...

Buying and Selling a Home: Location Matters!

Proctor Associates posted this 1,749 Views

We’ve all heard that, when it comes to buying or selling a home, the three things that matter the most are “location, location, location!” And while this is good wisdom to heed, it’s also possible to overlook just what “location” means in the first place – because, surprisingly, there are a lot of factors that go into it; and not all of them are obvious. Let’s explore the factors that combine to make a house enjoy the prestige and benefits of location, location, location! Locat...

5 Key Tips for Smart, Happy and Successful Home Selling

Proctor Associates posted this 1 1,099 Views

Selling your home is almost certainly going to be the most important financial transaction you make this year – maybe even this decade. And while that can be a little bit intimidating, it also represents a valuable opportunity for you to benefit from a totally successful selling experience: one that ensures you get full value for your home, and that you enjoy a stress-free process. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with numerous clients – individuals, couples and fam...

5 Things to Look for in the Ideal Realtor

Proctor Associates posted this 2 775 Views

Searching for a home – whether it’s your first or fifth – is a fun and exciting time, but of course, it’s also one where you’ll make a very, very important decision. And that means you don’t want to overlook key details, or make a choice that you’ll regret months or years after you get the keys to your new home. In the same way, your choice of Realtor is just as important as the home you choose, because the right Realtor will ensure that you get all of the information you need bef...

5 Big Mistakes that Home Sellers Make – and How to Avoid Them

Proctor Associates posted this 1,449 Views

Selling a home can be a stress-free, simple and profitable experience – but it can also be a big, expensive headache. So what’s the difference between the two outcomes? In my experience of helping numerous people sell their homes – for a variety of reasons – the core difference between a successful sale and an unsuccessful one is one word: information. That is, sellers who know more about how the process works are much better off than those who are guessing, or, even worse, have bee...

5 Tips for Keeping Your House Warm – and your Bills Low – this Winter

Proctor Associates posted this 1 2,551 Views

Ah yes, the signs of an impending winter are all around us. There’s frost on the ground in he morning. The sky is clearer, the nights are longer, and the Oilers are losing. Winter: gotta love it! Of course, there’s a member of your “family” who may not love winter as much as you do: your budget. Why? Because of some small, easy-to-solve problems that waste energy, you might be lighter in the pocketbook this winter than you ought to be. Fortunately, Geri Hackett of Real Estate T...