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Courtney Bontempo

Big Changes Starting April 1st 2013 for FHA Loans

Courtney Bontempo posted this 748 Views

This is not a JOKE!! The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) announced a series of changes to strengthen the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund and improve risk management last fall and they are just around the corner. Fort Wayne home buyers should note that among these changes, Mortgage Insurance Premiums(MIP) will increase 10 points and will last for the life of the loan regardsless of Loan to Value (LTV) %. Among the other changes, FHA will: Increase its annual mortgage insura...

HTFx Inc is Opening a New Plant in Fort Wayne Indiana

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1 2,076 Views

Welcome to Fort Wayne HTFx HTFx inc., short for Heat Transfer Formula Exotherm is a Florida based cooling device company, that plans to hire 70-100 Fort Wayne workers to launch production within the next 30 days. HTFx has leased an 18,000sqft plant within the city with the option to buy. In all, CEO and Founder Brian Doherty expects to hire nearly 300 local employees including production and engineers by 2012. He says Fort Wayne production workers will earn about $28,000 a year, while For...

Westport Homes Fort Wayne: What You Need to Know Before You Build

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1,564 Views

With interest rates still below 5% and all the builder incentives that are available, it truly is one of the better times historically to build a new home in Fort Wayne. Westport Homes is one of the largest builders in Northeast Indiana and is a viable choice for many families and first time home buyers. Reason's to choose Westport Homes Fort Wayne as your builder: Westport Homes was established in 2003 and expanded into the Fort Wayne market using the same traits that made them...

Buyer beware: New rules regarding septic systems may impact Fort Wayne homebuyers and sellers

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1,954 Views

On January 24, 2011 according to the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, the Allen County Department of Health board discussed a proposal to increase buyer awareness of the quality of the Fort Wayne area residential septic systems. Allen county has nearly 18,000 homes and according to the Allen County Department of Health, many of these older systems are failing due to the hard clay soils in the area. As a result, some homeowners are left little choice, other then replacing their failing systems at ...

When Selling Your Home in a Down Economy, It Pays to be Creative

Courtney Bontempo posted this 905 Views

Now that the tax credit for first-time home buyers has ended, sellers are having to get even more creative when marketing their homes. Fortunately there are several things a seller can do to make his or her home more attractive to buyers without having to lower the selling price.Offer to pay some of the buyer's closing costs. Many home buyers are short on cash or would rather use that money to furnish or improve their new home. If you are willing to pay some of the buyer's mortgage points or...

Fort Wayne Home Buyers, Now is the Time to Act

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1,423 Views

Do you realize that mortgage rates in the US today are lower than in 1963? In 1963 the average home cost $17,700. You will probably pay more than that despite the low home prices nationwide, but the current 5% average mortgage rate (with no points or fees) is a full percentage point lower than the 6% average of 1963.During the early to mid 1970s rates ranged from 7.25% to 10% (the norm was 9%), reaching a high of 18% between 1977 and 1981. Today's rates are the lowest in that 47 year history...

General Motors (GM) to add 700 new jobs to Fort Wayne Indiana Assembly Plant

Courtney Bontempo posted this 3,479 Views

Great news this week out of Detroit, General Motors GM will be adding a third shift to our Fort Wayne Indiana Assembly Plant. The creation of the third shift is the result of the Pontiac Michigan plant closure, bringing the production of the Heavy Duty pickup trucks to the Fort Wayne Assembly Plant. Although the jobs won’t be filled locally, it is estimated that this will pump an additional $50 million into the Fort Wayne area's economy. This will also provide a boost to the local housing ma...

Major change is on the way

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1 1,275 Views

Within the next couple of weeks I will be changing real estate firms.... Currently I am a Broker Associate with BKM Real Estate's Ossian Indiana office. This January would have been my 2 year anniversary at this location. I have had great success over these years, but being from Fort Wayne Indiana and having an office outside of my hometown has been an impossible obstacle for me to over come. The decision to move on wasn’t an easy one to make. I love working for BKM Real...

Reduce Your Fort Wayne Gas Bill During These Coming Winter Months

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1,744 Views

As many of you know, heating your home in Northeast Indiana can be extremely expensive during the coming winter months. What many home owners don't realize is that by taking some basic steps, you could drastically reduce your winter heating bill. Some of the following steps may require some updating of equipment, while most just require a change in lifestyle. I will start with the most basic and work up to those that may require additional equipment. The first step, it is recommended tha...

Which Home Improvements Payoff Big in Fort Wayne Real Estate

Courtney Bontempo posted this 1,417 Views

I get this question a lot, while working with potential sellers in the Fort Wayne housing market. While somethings make more sense then others, their is still no simple one all answer to this question. Generally speaking I first advice homeowners to start with the basic home improvements. That being cleaning or replacing old carpet, fixing or replacing a defective roof, replacing old aluminum siding for vinyl, repainting walls and trim, installing energy efficient windows, or repairing or...