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Gary Ashton

Sellers Market Coming to Nashville TN and the rest of the USA?

Gary Ashton posted this 699 Views

I spent the weekend in Louisville KY talking about real estate and the impact of the media on the publics perception of how things were doing with regards to home sales. I know things must be improving in the market just because when anyone fom the local media calls for a quote on the state of the Nashville real estate market the first thing they say is "How good is the market right now?" This is actually a subtle difference from only a few months ago when the question was more like "how ...

Nashville Real estate Market Comes Out of The Cold

Gary Ashton posted this 1 944 Views

The last few months in Nashville have been a little colder than most years. We've had snow a few times with more than an inch and even had snow on Christmas day. Things seem to be warming up now and the real estate market in Nashville looks like its warming up too. When I chat to realtors in Nashville at some of the open houses or real estate functions you get the feeling that everyone is becoming a lot more optimistic about the homes sales for the coming year. The Ashton Real Estate G...

Retune Nashville Gears Up for Benefit Concert & Art Auction

Gary Ashton posted this 1,031 Views

On my site blog in May, I talked about a new non-profit organization called Retune Nashville that is really trying to make a difference in the lives of musicians affected by the recent floods. They are a group dedicated to "helping provide relief for uninsured musicians through the sale of artwork created from flood damaged musical instruments," and are getting ready to hold a benefit concert and art auction in October. So far, more than 50 artists have volunteered their time and creativi...

Welcome to Paltrow Country

Gary Ashton posted this 1,036 Views

People come to Nashville, and they fall in love with Nashville. Always have. In fact some people love it so much that they either end up staying, or taking a healthy slice of the city's undeniable spirit and charm away with them. Take Gwyneth Paltrow, for example. The Oscar-winning actress spent three months in Nashville, working on the forthcoming movie Country Strong, and fell head-over-heels, absorbing the whole country vibe. In fact, she has just released the eponymous title track...

Housing Vultures

Gary Ashton posted this 1,299 Views

Isn't it depressing to know that while some people are struggling to make ends meet, as the weight of foreclosure, job loss and financial ruin dangle menacingly, like the sword of Damocles above their imperiled heads, there's always someone who can figure out a way to make a ton of money out of others' misery. That's the 'can do' spirit, for ya! It may seem bad enough that some unfortunate folk, keen to fulfill the American dream of home ownership, got scammed by unscrupulous lenders in t...

Tax Relief Coming for Nashville Homeowners

Gary Ashton posted this 1,034 Views

Homeowners most affected by the floodwaters are now eligible for a break when it comes to their property taxes. The Tennessee House of Representatives has just passed a new law that will allow home and business owners to have their properties reassessed by the county, and their property taxes adjusted accordingly. This move could provide some much needed relief to those whose homes are now worth substantially less than they were just a month ago. To qualify, "Any building or improvem...

The Gulch - Nashville's Hippest New Place to Call Home

Gary Ashton posted this 1 2,764 Views

For years the area was a collection of run-down brick warehouses, vagrants, and railway tracks; now, thanks to a $400 million makeover, the Nashville neighborhood known as The Gulch has taken on a new identity. MarketStreet, the developers of the massive project, had a vision of creating an urban-chic environment that would appeal to young professionals, and it seems their dream is coming to fruition as Nashville's hippest neighborhood comes to life and revitalizes the downtown core. ...

The 2010 Nashville Flood

Gary Ashton posted this 3,392 Views

While other news stories have been dominating the national media, the recent flooding in Nashville has been incredibly serious, and will have a long-term impact on the city. At least 20 people in Tennessee have died, and in the city of Nashville alone, it's estimated that more than a billion dollars' worth of damage has been done. Landmarks like the Grand Ole Opry and LP Field have extensive damage, and countless homes have been ruined. What's particularly sad is that most people in the ...

Nashville Real Estate Market Update

Gary Ashton posted this 1 2,242 Views

  Nashville Real Estate Market 2009 It's only been a few weeks now into 2009 and the real estate market in Nashville Tennessee seems to be showing signs of picking up. One of the major indicators of this increased activity is the number of appointments agents are making to show homes. The Appointment Desk is a subsiduary company owned and operated by the owner of RE/MAX Elite in Nashville, Robb Campbell. Robb has seen the showings double from the month of December and that is in t...

List Price and Final Sales Price Fluctuations of Homes in Nashville Tennessee

Gary Ashton posted this 1,837 Views

The List Price It used to be that when a person wanted to sell their home they would contact their realtor, or interview 3 or 4 realtors, and through an analysis of the market sales statistics come up with a potential listing price for their home. As with most subjective processes there is usually a range of opinions on the best price to list the home at, the seller usually wanting a higher list price and the realtor trying to strike a balance to reflect the recent sales activity and k...