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Denver Realty Experts

Denver Home Sellers: Every Offer is a Good Offer

Denver Realty Experts posted this 1,399 Views

First, don’t let the title of this blog fool you. It doesn’t imply that a seller should accept every offer; only that an offer (any offer) is the start to helping a seller meet their goal of selling. Second, buyers often like to “test the waters” and see how far a seller is willing to negotiate. It’s the “don’t pay full price” attitude that buyers tend to have – they’ll lowball a price, or play it tough on terms just to see what happens. And while there is nothing wrong with trying, ...

Love the One You're With...OR...How to Prevent Bidding Wars and Get a Better Price

Denver Realty Experts posted this 910 Views

For the 8 years I've been in real estate, I love to play a game I call “Contradictory Real Estate.” I like to question what other agents do, and then do what I think is right. There are many examples of this, but today's topic is the “encouraged bidding war.” Encouraged Bidding War – when a listing agent shops an offer to other agents hoping for a bidding war and therefore a higher price for the seller. I'll get emails every few weeks from a listing agent on a home that I have s...

Don't Listen to Your Parents – Denver Real Estate Has Changed Over the Past 20 Years

Denver Realty Experts posted this 1 1,743 Views

I always cringed when my parents replied, "because I said so" - my independent spirit always questioned what they told me. Now that I have a son, I wonder if I'll be echoing the same words in years to come. When looking at Denver real estate, it's often a good idea to question the advice you receive from your parents, or well-meaning friends who have lived in Denver too long without updating their knowledge. Most residents of Denver don't spend as much time as I do learning neighborhoods ...

Sneak peek at the new website for

Denver Realty Experts posted this 2 1,908 Views

We're excited to be working with a completely new website for!  This powerful new layout is going to bring geolocation tools to the fingertips of Denver buyers Looking for a Really Great Map Search? We're collaborating with Morgan and his development team to produce real estate maps that really work for Denver home seekers.  Above, you can see the front page map feature, showcasing our custom polygon search.  If your search is bounded by certain stre...

Watching Silence of the Lambs Made Me a Better Agent

Denver Realty Experts posted this 2 1,175 Views

As a Denver Realtor, I have always tried to find techniques to get a fair deal for my buyer and seller clients. This also includes trying to create a equitable negotiation process for everyone involved. For the most part, transactions run pretty smooth, but in some cases buyers or sellers can have expectations outside the normal range. Usually after the initial contact is completed, the inspection is the final item to review before everything is finalized for closing. I have seen ...

Selling Your Denver Home over the Holiday Season

Denver Realty Experts posted this 904 Views

As the fall weather sets in and the holidays approach, many Denver home owners with houses on the market take them down; for many people, the start of the colder weather signals the end of the home selling season.  It doesn’t have to be that way. While the challenge of selling your home in the colder, wetter months can take a bit more work, the rewards of having your home on the market at this time of year can be well worthwhile. During the winter there are usually a smaller number...

Boulder Fire Victims Still Need Cash, Equipment

Denver Realty Experts posted this 1,001 Views

It could be a scene from a post-apocalyptic movie or even a filmmaker’s vision of Hell, but in fact this is a time lapse video of the Fourmile Canyon Fire in Boulder, Colorado.  At least 169 homes have been destroyed in the blaze that some authorities say started in the backyard of a 71-year-old volunteer firefighter. The lifelong Boulder resident had a fire pit going some days before the blaze started.  He had put out the fire with water and stirred the ashes, but it’s pos...

Boulder Wildfire Still Threatening Homes

Denver Realty Experts posted this 1,057 Views

UPDATE:  Check out the Four Mile Help Forum for more information on how you can help! This link to the Boulder Office of Emergency Management lists the homes that have been compromised as a result of the FourMile Canyon Wild Fire and provides updates.  Please check this if you live or have loved ones in the area! On Tuesday, September 7, 2010, Governor Bill Ritter issued an emergency disaster declaration for the fire.  $5 million in state aid is authorized to help pay for firefig...

National First Look Program Bringing Up Uncomfortable Questions

Denver Realty Experts posted this 1,049 Views

HUD unveiled its National First Look Program September 1, 2010 and it is already raising criticism and commentary from the online real estate community.  On the surface, it seems like a good idea – let local companies first dibs on foreclosed homes; if no one snaps up a home first, the home goes on the open market. HUD’s NSP grantees, which include state and local governments and non-profit organizations, often find themselves competing with private investors for real estate-owned (REO) ...

What To Expect From Denver Home Inspections

Denver Realty Experts posted this 855 Views

When you buy or sell a home in Denver, a home inspection is important.  A home inspection tells the buyer what problems may be present in the home and what will be needed to address them.  When conducting a Denver real estate transaction, a home inspection should always be part of the deal, so that the home owner stands less of a chance of running afoul of problems that are not immediately apparent to the layperson. Denver home inspectors can tell you if there are signs of expensive...