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Big Improvements to rewIDX

GerryThomasen posted this 4 1,974 Views

I'm happy to announce some REALLY big improvements to our iframeable IDX product! (That is, rewIDX.) For those who are not already aware - rewIDX is a property search interface that you can put on your website, so that your website users can search for MLS listings without leaving your site. They can register to save searches and to receive new property notifications. When they register or request information about a property, they are entered as a lead into your system. Each of these "le...

New REW Headquarters an Historic Treat

GerryThomasen posted this 10 3,276 Views

You may have heard that we (REW) have outgrown our office space: half of us are in a temporary facility, while we wait for our "new" building to be completed. Then we can all move in together. I want to share some of my excitement about the new building (and photos - see below). Why so enthusiastic, you ask? Is it the new building's size? Its modern features? Its location in downtown Nanaimo, by the sea? Those things are great - but my excitement about the building is related to its...

The New IDX (3.x) - What's the Difference?

GerryThomasen posted this 13 8,709 Views

The ability to create saved map searches, including polygon and radius technology, is here! Throughout 2010, we've slowly rolled out our latest masterpiece: it's the new version of our custom IDX (v's 3.0, 3.1), and it is awesome! However, for our clients who already love their existing REW site and its v2.x IDX, the choice of whether to scrap their old IDX for the new one, is a big decision. So, this page will describe the significant differences introduced in the new IDX platform. ...

How to Take Advantage of Promo Prices in Design

GerryThomasen posted this 4 12,509 Views

I've noticed that a lot of our clients, once their website's initial design framework has been created, aren't savvy about how to use a designer for further development. They aren't aware of how extra design work can improve the body content, which improves stickiness and conversion. It also just makes the site look better. So, I've provided nine examples below of quick (i.e., inexpensive) design work ideas that will improve your site's content. Creating Styles for Common Situations ...

REW Slideshows are Now Editable!

GerryThomasen posted this 7 2,710 Views

It's been requested periodically in the last several years, and we finally did it! Now, every REW template comes with our Slideshow Manager. Just to be clear: Anyone who buys even the most basic template setup will now be able to upload their own photos to their slideshow, change the order, and even make the images click through to other pages. Here's how the slideshow manager looks in the backend:   Some of you couldn't wait for this, and you paid us to do a custom implementa...

How to Set Up an Effective "Area" Page, REW Style

GerryThomasen posted this 23 6,341 Views

Here on the Real Estate Webmasters writing/SEO team, we have a standard way of setting up our "area" pages. It is proven to be effective, when the goal for the page is conversion of traffic into leads. What's an "Area Page"? This is a term we use loosely to refer to a page that describes a relevant, name-able real estate market that is worked by the agency that runs the website. Sometimes it describes a certain property type ("Phoenix condos"), and sometimes it has a broader scope ("T...

Save Time, Frustration with REW - Two Tips You Can't Live Without

GerryThomasen posted this 7 4,386 Views

Are you tired of writing long emails to your designer or programmer, only to receive a reply that looks like this?: "It looks fine on my end." or "I'm not sure what you're referring to." Well, no longer! Just read my amazing fourth blog post (below) and you'll swear you're sitting in the same office as your development team! That's right - NO more wasting time and money on billable emails back and forth! NO more surly one-line responses from kids half your age! Tip #1 - Clear...

Your REW Site: How to Format Image Placement so it Looks Professional

GerryThomasen posted this 12 10,438 Views

Ever place an image on your page and have it look like this in relation to the text?:     Not only is it towering over the text (instead of "floating" within it like in a magazine), but there should be a margin separating it from the text (see the word "As" almost getting ink on it?). If you're familiar with inline CSS, you can do something like this: <img src="/images/lab.jpg" style="width: 200; float: left; margin-right: 6px; margin-bottom: 6px;" /> But in case tha...

Your REW Site: Styled Call-out Boxes

GerryThomasen posted this 8 9,573 Views

Your content will look prettier, better organized, and more professional if you can put calls to action (or other distinct units of text) into their own boxes within the body, like this:     Your Real Estate Webmasters site, whether it's a templated design or fully custom, comes pre-installed with at least 3 options for this kind of callout box. There are two CSS classes ("highlight" and "important") and the HTML "blockquote".   Blo...

Your REW Site: Adding a Sitemap & Linking to it from the Footer

GerryThomasen posted this 9 3,733 Views

Everyone knows that search engines like to see a sitemap on your website. The sitemap should be linked-to from the homepage and, ideally, from every page. The easiest way to make this happen would be to put the sitemap link in your side-navigation, but, the sitemap is insignificant to 99% of your users, so it shouldn't waste space in your side-navigation. So, how can you have a sitemap that's linked to from every page, but isn't in your navigation? You could paste the link into the body ...