REW Slideshows are Now Editable!


It's been requested periodically in the last several years, and we finally did it! Now, every REW template comes with our Slideshow Manager.

Just to be clear: Anyone who buys even the most basic template setup will now be able to upload their own photos to their slideshow, change the order, and even make the images click through to other pages. Here's how the slideshow manager looks in the backend:

Some of you couldn't wait for this, and you paid us to do a custom implementation on your site. (Maybe about 8 of you in the last three years.) Hats off to you, o you pioneers.

How it Works

As you can see, it's pretty simple. You just upload images to the manager, and then drag them into the order you want the slideshow to display them in.

Don't be fooled by the "EDIT" button you can see in the screenshot. You have to crop the images to size yourself, before you upload them. We've included some information about how to edit the photos in the tutorial.

Is the Slideshow the Same on Every Page?

If you order the basic slideshow manager product, then the slideshow applies to all CMS pages. You can't make a different slideshow appear on different pages UNLESS you request it, and approve an estimate of about one hour of custom programming time. If you pay for that extra hour (estimate), then you can have different slideshows on different pages!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why is there an option to make the images clickable? Why would someone click on my photo of the city's skyline?
A: Some of our customers are going to do stuff like this:

  • Take a screenshot of foreclosure listings
  • Pay a graphic artist to turn it into a call-to-action with "See Springfield Foreclosures!" written on it
  • Upload it as the first image in the slideshow and link it to the foreclosures page

    (This will be the cheaper version of high-end CTA slideshows like Mike's, Mark's, and Drew's)

    (Note the possibilities are endless, here. You can also use a photo of your team with "Find out why our service is different" and link to your bio page, ETC.)

Q: Can I have different slideshows on different pages?
A: Only if you order a customization that takes about an hour to implement ("Can you please make it so my slideshow manager is 'per-page'?"). I know I would do that, if it were my site. Imagine area-specific photos on the neighbourhood pages!

Q: Does the slideshow manager allow you to change the time intervals between slides?
A: No, it doesn't, but you could ask us to change the interval for you in a custom project. Wouldn't take long.

Q: So how can I get the slideshow manager for my existing REW site?
A: It's a $300 product for those whose sites were installed before we made this a standard of our sites' CMS's. Post in our Work Orders Forum or email Sales and ask for it!
Note that the $300 is only for a standard implementation on an applicable REW template and does not account for time needed to make the product work with existing customized elements.

Q: I already have a REW site, and it doesn't have a slideshow manager. What gives?
A: We are only including the slideshow manager in our installer henceforth. We can't go back in time.

Q: My site went live after you announced this! Shouldn't I have the slideshow manager?
A: Your site was installed several weeks or months before it went live, so that we could prepare it to go live. The install date is relevant here, not the live date.

Q: My images look grainy/blurry. Is there a problem with my slideshow manager?
A: The slideshow manager already works properly, in terms of correctly displaying the photo you uploaded. If you're having problems with the images' display, you are not preparing the photo correctly. Support of this product does not include helping clients with preparation of the photos.

Q: The slideshow is not presenting the slides in the order shown in the slideshow manager.
A: There may be an issue we need to address. Please contact our customer support team.

Q: How many images can I include in the slideshow?
A: There is no limit, but it may slow your pages' load times if you get excessive.


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REW Tracy

This is pretty sweet! I really like your suggestions for having page-specific pics, and using the slide show as a call-to-action.

adam robinson sarasota

Any of the LEC 4's have a slide show?

The product for $300 would let me put different slide shows on different pages?


Morgan Carey

This post relates to template products not LEC's (I think) - but with regarsd to LEC 4, it doesn't have have a slideshow to manage anyways (nor does 5) - version 2 and 3 do however.


Hey Adam - the $300 product is just for templates now, not LEC's - but we could certainly setup a custom solution on an LEC (easier on an LEC2-3, since they already have slideshows). The product would be ordered, as a base module, and then you would be charged hourly for whatever custom time is needed to make that module work with the LEC platform.

If you want different slideshows on different pages, that's an extra customization that takes about an hour.


How many of the 8 did we account for :)

You guys keep making great products!!!




Can I get a quote for inputting this on the LEC2 website for the premier Residential Real Estate brokerage in Los Angeles, CA a.k.a. -

And please include quote for making it customizable per page, I actually already have all the photography to do this for all my cities just hadn't gotten around to making this request for custom work yet because I'm busy with all my leads!!!

Morgan Carey

Bnicolas please post your requests for estimates in the work orders forum or emai sales @ - Thanks

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