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Tax Calculator Tests Consequences of Expiring Tax Cuts

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I ran across this calculator yesterday and found it to be quite interesting. It allows you to see what will happen to your 2011 federal income taxes depending on what the government decides to do with the 2001 and 2003 "Bush Tax Cuts." Once you fill in your information, the calculator lets you see your tax consequences under one of three scenarios: Income Tax if All Bush Tax Cuts Expire Income Tax under Obama's Tax Proposals Income Tax if Bush Tax Cuts are Extended The website ...

Health Care Bill - Buried 1099 Reporting Change

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You gotta love the health care reform bill. It is the gift that just keeps on giving. Seems our beloved legislators added another little goodie that was buried in the mostly unread 2,409 page document. Section 9006 mandates that beginning in 2012 all companies will have to issue 1099 tax forms not just to independent contractors but also to any "individual or corporation" from which you purchase more than $600 in tangible goods or services in a tax year. Can anyone say bend over again smal...

New Credit Agency Guidelines to Penalize Borrowers for Loan Modifications

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I almost fell out of my chair today when I got notification of this new policy by the credit reporting agencies. Seems the government's financial regulators have given their blessing to the "Big Three" credit reporting bureaus – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to enact new guidelines that will allow mortgage lenders to report mortgage loan modifications as a negative credit line item on the borrowers' credit report. The agencies will designate the loan modifications to show as "partial paym...

Governor Crist's Cover Florida Health Care Plan

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Who says conservatives won't do anything about health care. Surely not Florida Republican Governor Charlie Crist. He succeeded in getting his new and innovative health insurance reform plan through the state legislature that even the Democrats are having a hard time finding anything to complain about. With the State of Florida having nearly 21% of its population being uninsured, the "Cover Florida" plan should help uninsured Floridians by offering a variety of affordable health care insuranc...

100th Blog Post - Kudos to REW Blogs and My Crew

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Upon reaching this milestone here on REW blogs, I thought it would be good opportunity to point out the positives it has afforded me and my company by giving some kudos to everyone involved in making our first 100 posts here so successful. Of course, I have to begin with Morgan and the folks at REW for providing this great platform. There is no doubt that it is a wonderful tool for helping all of its users to spread tons of great stuff about the real estate and mortgage industries, but it ...

Sick of the Let's Bash Bush and Investors Are Greedy Crowd

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I can hardly put into words (at least not publicly) of how sick I am of some of the mortgage and real estate crowd who are taking the new government rate freeze plan as another opportunity to bash President Bush and the Investors who hold the paper on those loans. What a bunch of sad sacks they all are. Anyone with half a brain can see right through their so called criticisms and understand that all they are really doing is showing their true partisan agenda. And just what is that agenda? Si...