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Live Like a Rockstar, Buy a Vacation Home on Kauai

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One of the great things about living on a small island like Kauai is that nobody bothers you when you're walking down the beach. This anonymity is one of the reasons celebrities love to vacation and live on the island’s verdant North Shore. From the cast of friends, 007, Incubus and more, the "Garden Island" is a place you can get away from it all, including the paparazzi. You can search all Kauai real estate for sale if you're looking for your own little peice of paradise. ...

Why Not Buy Land in Hawaii and Become a Kona Coffee Farmer

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In the recent past, starting a new business reliant on the purchase of real estate property has not been a viable business option because of the high costs of real estate. For instance, buying land to start your own Kona coffee farm wasn't a profitable business proposition because Big Island real estate was just too expensive. But thanks to a healthy decline in property prices in the Islands, starting your own Kona coffee farm just might be a reality. 3 to 5 acre parcels of land in Kona ca...