The Hardest Real Estate to Sell


There is a lot of research about what makes a home hard to sell. But home buyers are not always predictable and sometimes people become very interested in homes or properties that you least expect to sell quickly or easily.

What are Hard-To-Sell Homes?

ghost_town_4_356_01In general, homes and lots that are very different from others in the area, either much bigger or much smaller, can be hard to sell. Homes that have not been maintained for years and are basically tear-downs can also be hard to sell.

Other homes that can be hard to sell include homes with oddly-shaped, tiny rooms, and homes with only one bathroom or one bedroom. Poor location can also make a home very hard to sell.

What Can Sellers Do to Attract Buyers?

Three things that the seller, with guidance from a real estate agent, can do to make hard-to-sell homes more attractive, include: 1. reducing the price, 2. offering incentives such as seller-financing, and 3. making repairs and doing some upgrades.


But imagine if all the features and characteristics that make some homes and properties really hard to sell, were combined in one home and property. You would think there would be virtually no interested buyers, right? Who would be interested in a derelict piece of land, far from any towns or neighbors, with a small, old home in desperate need of repair?

These places exist and a lot of people are interested.



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