Why You Should Sell Your Home in December


If you've been on the fence about selling your home this month, it's time to get off and stake a "For Sale" sign in the yard. December is one of the best months to sell your home and we'll tell you why:

  1. sell_your_home_in_december_350Faster Sales & More Qualified Buyers
    There's no doubt that fewer people overall look for homes in December. But those that do tend to be more qualified buyers who are motivated to make a purchase. As a result, you won't be wasting time with people who are "just considering" a move. Your interested buyers want a home, and they want it now.

  2. Reduced Competition
    A decrease in overall inventory allows homes that are listed to benefit from less competition. Many December buyers are also purchasing out of obligation and life-changes, which means they aren't as likely to hold out for the "perfect home." Take advantage of an easier sell in December.

  3. More Flexible Schedules
    While personal obligations seem to increase in December, people are actually more likely to have time on their hands. Vacations, holidays and employee perks allow many people more flexibility in their schedules than in other months of the year. That means buyers have more time to search for homes.

  4. Inventory Increases in January
    Sellers tend to wait until the New Year to list their home because it's the time of fresh beginnings and new starts. This means January usually marks a significant increase in inventory, which in turn creates greater competition. Better still, it means a fresh onslaught of homes just in time for you to buy again.

  5. Best Month For Staging
    Christmas decorations and cozy fireplaces are just the thing to excite buyers in December. Home staging has never been easier than with a small investment in classy holiday decorations. Exterior lights, a decorated tree and garlands on the bannisters encourage buyers to feel right at home.

Regardless of whether you want to sell or have to sell, December is a fantastic month for listing a home. Take advantage of holiday cheer and low inventory rates to find the perfect buyer for your real estate this month.


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Couldn't help but agree with this. Most often than not, agents during december are rushing to make a sale.


You pointed out some interesting facts, informative blog, I liked it.


I like your points, puts everything in an optomistic mindset.

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