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Jaime Carrion

Mandarin Park in Sarasota, Florida

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Located just west of the Trail on beautiful Bahia Vista Street in Sarasota, Florida, is Mandarin Park, an enclave of 19 upscale homes built in the 2000s. It is an oasis of modern family dwellings in the midst of some of Sarasota’s older and most distinctive classic homes. This gorgeous gated community, with its quiet sophistication and many amenities, awaits your discovery. All of the beautifully appointed homes here are arranged in a courtyard setting. Probably the most unusual aspect of...

Hansens in Sarasota, Florida

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Just off of the serene and winding road of Camino Real is a tucked-away Sarasota neighborhood called Hansens. With its highly desirable West of the Trail Sarasota location, Hansens is a tropical neighborhood lush with mature oaks, swaying palms and gorgeous landscaping. This lovely neighborhood runs south of Bay Street, US 41 (Tamiami Trail) to north of Pine Bay Drive and Worrington Street, with the bay front along its westside. The very exclusive and private Field Club is a moment’s driv...

Casey Key - Sarasota's Secret Retreat

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Casey Key is an 8-mile-long barrier island off the coast of Sarasota. This little gem is a secluded paradise, offering immaculate, snowy-white beaches, breath-taking sunsets and quick access to the mainland.  Careful planning and restrictions have prevented Casey Key from becoming home to high-rise hotels.  Some areas of the island are so narrow that you can watch the sunrise from one side of your home and then watch it set from the other side. People who live here seek retreat from a...

Lakewood Ranch, Florida

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If you enjoy the beauty of nature and the peacefulness of a close-nit community, Lakewood Ranch is the place for you. This area was designed with families and real neighborhoods in mind. When you own a piece of Lakewood Ranch real estate, you can take advantage of everything this picturesque community has to offer, including several country clubs, sports and athletic venues, houses of worship, and outdoor activities. The area is brimming with walking and biking trails, parks, and plenty ...

Casey Key, Florida - Tropical Paradise

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Casey Key is where tropical paradise meets celebrity hideaway. Connected to the mainland by one of America’s few remaining swing bridges, Casey Key is a preferred destination of celebrities and the wealthy.  The Key takes its name from U.S. Army Captain John Charles Casey, who was sent in the mid-1800s to survey the land.   Once home to the Seminole tribe, now this peaceful retreat is populated almost exclusively by single family waterfront estates and old Florida style bungalows. At ...

Bird Key, Florida

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Bird Key is a private waterfront community located just minutes away from downtown Sarasota, Florida. To access Bird Key just head across the beautiful John Ringling Bridge, a structure that has become an iconic image of this tropic paradise. Bird Key is an exclusive community filled with high-end homes, many located directly on the bay-front, while others are situated along deep-water canals, and some are land-bound. Many homes offer stunning views of the bay or of the picturesque Sa...

Diversity of Architecture in Bird Key, Florida

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Just over a century ago, Thomas Worcester, VP of Bromwell Brush and Wire company in Cincinnati, bought his wife an island. “Davie” Worcestor had boated to an island just off the Sarasota, Florida mainland while she was on holiday with friends. She was so enthralled with the island that she wrote her husband, her complete enchantment spilling into every word.  Apparently, Mr. Worcestor was smitten enough with his wife and her words that he made arrangements to purchase the island and buil...

Bird Key is Sarasota's Nautical Paradise

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When you’re searching for a dazzling home nestled between pristine beaches, yacht clubs with plenty of boat storage, sailing opportunities and a downtown arts and culture lifestyle, look no further than Bird Key. The 500+ lots on this beautiful key started as nothing more than 21 acres, owned by a cousin of circus baron John Ringling, John Ringling North. In 1959 Arvida Realty purchased and filled the land with over 30,000 cubic yards of sand dredged from the bay, creating the curren...

Bird Key - Quality Always in Demand

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   Quality is always in demand.  In uncertain times, investors always flock to quality.  At the top of the list of quality real estate investments in Sarasota, Florida, is Bird Key, a fabulous waterfront community composed of 303 waterfront homes and 207 garden homes.  Highly coveted for its natural beauty, unrivalled location, and deep water canals, Bird Key is mariner's paradise with an enviable location.  It is no surprise how this market has recovered in these uncertain times and ...

Sarasota Real Estate - How Close is the Bottom?

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Whether it be real estate, stocks, commodities or any other investment, everyone always wants to buy at the absolute bottom of the price cycle.  The problem is no one can tell you precisely when this bottom will occur.  Even state-of-the-art computer programs using sophisticated modeling formulas can at best only predict when a bottom "should" occur based on past data and not when it "will" actually occur.  In addition, when the consensus is that a bottom has been reached, it will be too...