RECR - Real Estate Client Referrals - Complaints Galore


After my experience with RECR and their over zealous sales practices, I posted some articles for all to read:

A quick google search for "Real Estate Client Referrals" would have revealed all the complaints about this company.  Instead, you are encouraged to research RECR as the term and you'll find nothing.

Interestingly enough, after doing a little digging and trying to get my money back, this company is being hit with several similiar complaints.

Here's what I found:

Maybe they wouldn't have such a problem if they didn't emblazen the word Guaranteed Closings on their website then do absolutely no pre-screening on the internet leads.


Joshua Jarvis

Keller Williams Realty
M: 770-374-4667
Atlanta Short Sale Listing Expert
Georgia Homes Digest
"Putting the Real In Realtor"

Oh and by the way... I'm NEVER too busy for your referrals.


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Sorry to hear about the bad experience, Joshua. Good for you for fighting back and helping others avoid a similar problem.

I hope everyone hears your message loud and clear: Anyone who calls you and wants to be paid a flat fee up front for a "good lead" is ripping you off. Why on earth would they take a few hundred dollars instead of waiting a couple months for what could be a few thousand? The answer: Because they know 99% of the leads are crap.

Kathi Connors

Boy! I must have been delusional but I was stupid enough to sign up with this RECR for qualified leads! They have no qualified leads, they are a call center that picks up names and phone numbers from sites for foreclosures; and i should have really been aware when I heard their territories! They get them from Google Earth. Like others, I am instituting major complains with the BBB, the FTC, and the Attorney General in Az. I think we should all make sure our Realtor Associations become aware of them, NAR, AAR, and all your state associations...they are preying on us in a difficult market.

Morgan Carey

They claim a 1 in 5 closing rate - sounds to good to be true (and is) but unfortunately realtors who are either neive or desparate see that and jump all over it.

Fraud Department

I have posted this on many boards, over the past few years and for those who may not see it here have at it........................

Lead companies seldom generate quality leads.

You have, no doubt, seen lead companies claiming they have target market leads for your business. They target very generally, to produce massive numbers of leads for their own profit, not yours. All seven points here are lies you are literally being sold.

These are only a few reasons to generate your own leads.

Lead Generation Company Lie #1. "We Generate Target Market Leads."

For example, some lead companies place pop up ads on massive corporate investment web sites. People looking to invest a very small amount of money see a pop up ad that says "Earn $5,000 per month from home" and opt in, out of hope and curiosity. The lead is targeted to anyone who will enter their information, and then sold to you.

Does that sound like someone looking for a business, or someone who's attention was diverted by fading momentary interest?

Lead Generation Company Lie #2. "We Generate Leads."

The truth is, there are only a handful of lead companies that generate leads, and they are generally very poor quality. The others, buy their leads from them, and re-sell them to you. They, in fact, never generated the "Lead".

Lead Generation Company Lie #3. "Our Leads Are Fresh, 24 Hours Old, Or Less!"

The lead was actually just sold to the company 24 hours ago from another lead company. It could be days, weeks, or months old. Make sure to read all of the details about how the company obtained the lead to begin with.

Lead Generation Company Lie #4. "Leads Are Not Incentivised."

Incentivised means the lead company claims that they did not offer a cash payment, or gift, to the person who become a lead. They are actually posing as a survey company that promises to pay people, for filling out surveys. First, people are asked to fill in their information, so checks can be mailed to them, for surveys taken. After filling out a survey, the lead company informs the survey taker that they will not be paid, unless they sign up for a certain number of offers on a questionnaire. A good example is this:

"Would you like to work from home?" The survey taker checks the box to be paid, and their information is sent to you as a lead. They often have no idea of what just happened, or why you contacted them.

Was the "Lead" incentivised? What do you think?

Lead Generation Company Lie #5. "Company Specific Leads"

Let's say in this example your home business sells vacations. The lead company tells you that their $10 lead is targeted to people that will be interested in vacations. What that really means is, an advertisement was put in a place of interest to people looking for a vacation package, that also sells advertising space to a lead company. The ad placed on the site claims the person can get paid to take vacations, instead of purchasing one, and the shopper opts in.

Is that really a company specific lead?

Lead Generation Company Lie #6. "There Are Millions Of People Looking For A Home Business Every Day."

The truth is, there ARE people looking home businesses every day, but, there are thousands, not millions. Most leads are just the same people falling for these gimmicks, over and over. That's the reason why most home business owners fail. They go broke sorting through costly, poor quality, "Leads".

Is that what you want? Of course not.

Lead Generation Company Lie #7. "We Will Give You 10 Free Leads To Test Our Quality"

A lead company tells you that they will give you 10 leads for trying their leads. What they don't tell you is that when you give them your information, you just became a lead.

The bottom line is, lead companies CAN generate quality leads. However, they never will, because their profit comes from selling millions of poor quality leads. If they were to generate millions of good leads, their employees would use them, quit their jobs, and join a business!

Tom Vick

I just got a call from this company wanting 99 bucks per "great" lead. I listened to this kid ramble and stutter and burp several times through his canned presentation. I finally asked if he worked on commission and he said he got 15% of what he sold. I told him instead of only getting 15 bucks from me I would pay him $500 if his "great prospect" bought a home. He said that was against company policy I said are you sure? He said yes I said well what do you think about this... SLAM!!!!!!! I almost broke the phone!!!!!

Make sure you all take the calls from these jokesters and let them roll for about ten to fifteen minutes. Then get them good with a loud slam. If we all waste this much time they will quit working at these cheese holes because they will go broke. So do your part and wipe them out!!!!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I just received a call from a 406 area code and I let it go to voicemail. I listened to the message and it was someone named Jay telling me that he had a referral for me of a client who wants to list their townhome in my area. He said he was from RECR. I've never heard of RECR, but being somene who has been ripped off before, I decided to Google them to see if I can find out if they're legitimate before returning their call. I found this site and I can't thank you enough. If they're as over zealous as you say they are, I probably would've hung up on them, but you never know. They may have hooked me. In these times, you really can't afford to throw your money away on scam artists. Thanks again - you're doing a great service.


This company is a total scam. I am so embarassed that I didn't do a quick Google search first...that is so unlike me. I am battling it out with them right now, but it is a little difficult when they don't call you back. This may have been an expensive learning experience.


I have to say that they got me for 306.00 , again I have used lead companies int he past and they have worked out well. This company however is just a complete scam, they send bogus leads , then issue you a replacement that is not good until after you use all the paid leads. SO three bad leads and I am out 306.00, they all claim that you can get a refund but they are lying thru their teeth. Bad part about it is they wave their Active Rain Association like a banner makes you wonder how involved AR may be in this scam.

Paul H.

I have learned one extremely valuable lesson - Always check the internet before buying anything from anyone you are not familiar with. Had I done so, I would have avoided the hastle I have had with RECR; masters at a real con game. The comments above are accurate in my experience, most referrals are not really legit but are people drawn in to the foreclosure rush - I do not handle those. The worst is that this company has created a very slick sales technique and seemingly ironclad contract that let's face it, if you were foolish enough, as I was, to fall for the very sweet sounding lady that sold me, then you are not going to take the time or trouble to read anything, but instead just click the boxes because you are busy and because she promised the moon. I feel pretty foolish for having fallen for this but they are not going to get my money if I can help it.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to write about this deception.

Select Referrals

I have learned one extremely valuable lesson - Always check the internet before buying anything from anyone you are not familiar with. RECR -

<a href="">real estate referrals</a>
- Complaints Galore is nice post.

Monique Allison Vollmer

Thank you for these postings. I just got an email today from someone at RECR and I was curious about the company. I'm Always looking for good information about companies who solicit my email. After 5 years in business, and a few thousand dollars, I finally learned that the best referrals come from the people I know. Paying for leads is usually a scam, or at best a waste of money.

wendy MacLean

Wish I had seen this earlier -I thought I had sone my homework -called an agent who used them and endorsed them -but of course by the time I called back someone had taken my area -then I was promised a very lucrative area just before my 3 month date - I was thrilled -but I never got it -when I inquired i was told that it was gone.

The one referral I received was 6 hours away -and honestly don't think it was a real lead -and I forwarded it to someonelse in that area -so now I am embarassed about that as well as having been scammed.

I am from Ontario Canada and would like to see if there are other people that are in a similar position -I would like to hear from you.

Benjamin Grisinger

As others have posted on this website, do not use RECR for leads. They claim a 1 and 5 closing ratio, which is too good to be true. The bulk of referrals you receive have clicked on a "rent to own" ad placed on a source like Craigslist or kijiji.

Further, I have been trying for over a month to cancel my account. I spoke with a representative and requested the account be cancelled. At that time, I was told it was taken care of. At the beginning of December, I was charged $1,980.00. I was told I had an "auto-replenish" feature on my account. I was told I had "subscribed" to the auto-replenish for 5 free leads. This was true, I did sign up for the auto-replenish but I immediately de-activated the service once my account was active. It would appear the RECR arbitrarily changes your preferred settings so they are in the company's interest.

Long story short, this company is a scam. Do not sucked into the sales pitch they give you. Take your 2 grand and apply it to Google Ads for your website. You'll get a much higher return with REAL clients.

Ed Ivey

My wife is an agent with ReMax. She was approached 10/8/2009 by RECR. We were under the impression that it was $99 per referral. We were NOT told that my credit card would be docked for the entire $990. The first referral was from an 18 year old student with a part time waitress job. My wife was told that they would replace the lead. Meanwhile I found out that the entire $990 was charged to my card. As of Dec. 2009, the lead was not replaced. I called Discover card & disputed the charge. I then mailed a certified letter on 12/8/2009 to RECR asking for a refund & to close the account. RECR told Discover card that the fee was NOT refundable. I then had a rather heated conversation with RECR. (like talking to a brick wall) They contend that since the charge was in dispute that I waived the 90 day refund policy. Even though they received the certified letter 62 days after signing up. I now have supplied all documentation to Discover card & they seem more than willing to charge this back.

It appears that this will be a happy ending to a long drawn out ordeal.


You have been warned!


DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY PERIOD! We need to get the word out about them! I was stupid enough to sign up with them. I asked for a refund in the required timeframe and they have been saying that the check is in the mail for over 3 weeks now! Agents, please do not waste your hard earned money on them!



DO NOT USE RECR! I was stupid enough to sign up with these guys and did NOT get any real the beginning they credited the ones (all of them so far) that did not respond, and when I asked to cancel my membership they asked if I'd be willing to extend it for another 30 days...they would talk to the advertising department and increase their advertising...didn't work. I called to cancel again, and again they said they'd hate to cancel something that could still work, and said they sned it by zip codes and extedn another 90 days....until 4/10/10. So since I didn't call on the 10th and leave a message (They are only open M-F) "there's nothing I can do about it" says Nathan the Customer Service Manager. Really? Why would I call on the weekend, when I know they aren't open? The more I type here the more I realize how stupid it was to do business with RECR!


Thanks for all of the horror stories. Just keep reporting them as Spammers... it should slow down their bogus emails.

philippine call center

Thanks for this post. I have heard so many complaints about the Real Estates. There are some complaints also in call centers because some of the agents are trying to hack personal accounts of their clients they purchase anything that they want to. Good thing that it is now prohibited by eCommerce Law and those who will get caught will be punished according to the law.

Dave Westphal RE/MAX

Looks like this discussion was started 2 years ago. It's 5/27/2010 and I just got a phone call from Steve Levine at "RECR" .com / "Real Estate Client Referrals".

I told him I would look into it, and quickly found out the illegitimacy of their business.

2 years is too long for this still be going on. We as Realtor need to take the time and send out email notifications to our fellow Realtors. Take it up with your Local Association of Realtors and see if they'll do a broadcast email with a warning, not only for this particular site,.. but to do some research before you make an impulse decision on any of these lead service companies.

Lets Get The word out on RECR d/b/a

Referrals are a great source of fairly easy income,.. so don't discount the practice of referrals,... or talk bad about a Good and Fair Referral Company (maybe just because it wasn't worked correctly),..

But when this many people, have this much bad to say, without anyone stating they had a good experience, then people need to know

Dave Westphal - RE/MAX Realtor



Thanks for the sentiments, but our boards are less than thrilled about the prospect of spreading the bad word.

RECR product sucks, but the bad part is how they sell it.


I got this e-mail and thought to share here:

Hello Jarvisteam, My husband and I signed up in Sept of 2009. ($2100) We signed up for Roswell and Sandy Springs, GA. We have had 3 leads (of course during the trial period), one person spoke little english. One was a father whose daughter was looking, another who is a great guy but a financial challenge. today they sent me this EMBARASSING and completely UNTRUE EMAIL: from:

Nate Mitchell: You originally signed up for Mountain Park and Druid, at the beginning of October (10/01/09) you added Sandy Springs. You were put on the waiting list for Roswell and have inquired about adding it to your account on several occasions. You are no longer eligible for a refund as you are beyond the 90 day. ===========================>

In Sept they sent this email: From: Tim Rudzinski Date: Sun, Sep 13, 2009 at 11:52 AM Subject: money back guarantee To:
This one time offer is extended to Barbara Clayton and Norman Lovitch. Your money back guarantee will be good for 150 days from sign up date of 09/13/09, during which time they will be waiting for the Roswell/Sandy Springs areas of Fulton County GA.

These people are such liars that I would love to do whatever I can PUBLICALLY embarras them. A class action suit. Anything. DO you have any idea what we can do? Have you call Clark Howard?? Barbara Clayton

Kathi Connors

Maybe we could get 60 Minutes or Dateline to do a story on these creeps - they are sitting in a room in Montana and selling Realtors areas they find on Google...unfortunately in today's market - some of us fall for this spiel but not for long. I disputed all their charges on my credit card and reminded the credit card company that they work for me - not RECR! The Attorneys General should put these folk out of biz and I hope all Realtors unite and get this story some publicity...


I just recieved an email from these clowns. I am posting it here in case anyone searches on text or the name from the email I want them to find this blog. Thanks for starting this, at least we can be informed of the scams.

Text from the email I recieved:

Hi, I need an agent/broker in Minneapolis to assist a client I have named Delecia, who has contacted my company, Real Estate Client Referrals to help them with their purchase. With the increase in verified clients contacting me over the last 60 days, and the fact that I do not have an exclusive agent in Minneapolis, I have taken it upon myself to send you and a few other select agents in your area this brief e-mail. Please call me on my direct line, 406-532-3775, if you are interested in working with my clients or have any questions. Look forward to talking to you soon and have a great day.

Adam Chesterfield
Regional Director RECR


THANK YOU everyone for these postings!! I received a similar email from this company. What got me was the fact they referenced my name, the area the client was looking in, and they used the name of the client. Typically scams like this just use a generic email. After speaking with Lori, she told me the criteria of the client and the area they were looking to stay within. The criteria did not add up. After hearing that I had to pay $1,000 just to start, I realized it was a scam and immediately googled the company and low and behold I found this web page! She harped on the fact that the owner of the company was a former RE/MAX agent (which is the company I work with) and was looking out for Realtor's best interests...HA! Then she talked about how involved they are on Active Rain...I wonder if Active Rain is aware of this or if they have a hand in it as well. I get bogus calls like this on a daily basis and am so dissappointed with the amount of scams there are out there for Realtors. They prey on Realtors because they know they will find takers in a difficult market like this. You can't be too careful these days...always research first!! Thanks again everyone for your posts!

Kelly Gale

Please do not fall for this scam. I too thought I was doing my due diligence by calling some of he realtors that are using this service. I was called over Christmas and was told that they couldn't find another Realtor and would I help their client who needed to purchase a home immediately in the 350000 range. Like a fool I signed up for 999.00. I was not told they were an American company so my 999 immediately became 1169.00 I also did not sign any thing and have received three leads, one of which was already working with another realtor in my own office! The other two were not interested in purchasing, only wanting information. I have not been able to get any type of refund. I have been through the Better Business Bureau and requested mediation but the RECR wont respond and there is nothing they can do to help me unless they do. My credit card company will not help either because it is over 90 days. Everytime I called for my refund, starting in Feb. they would assure me it would be on my next card statement . I did that for three months and each time would be the same story. When the 90 days was up and I called again, they then said that the time frame for refunds was over!!!!!I am now going to the Attorney General and the Small Claims court...I may never get my money back but I am going to make life miserable for them for as long as I can. Could we get some sort of a petition going so as to have many signatures of who has bee defrauded by this lying group of individuals?????Is there a web site we can go to to leave all our names that can be printed off and taken to the Attorney General's office? I will do it if I could find where to go to to get the Names and Addresses of all of us who have been scammed...K

Barbara Frost

I did check our RECR with the Better Business Bureau and found out that on 8/28/2009 the business's accreditation from BBB was revoked. The revocation was due to violation of BBB

Based on BBB files, this business has a BBB Rating of F on a scale from A+ to F. Reasons for this F rating include:

  • 73 complaints filed against business
  • 8 complaints filed against business that were not resolved
  • BBB Accreditation was revoked because business failed to comply with agreed BBB standards

The company sounded to good to be true. So I guess when Tyler Sant of RECR calls I think I will let it to to voicemail and let my office, Keller Williams of the Treasure Coast, Stuart, Fl know about this.


More FYI from RECR Missoula Montana

They have recruited many more morons into there mix of scum bags telemarketers from all over the country from different area codes watch out for this they are part of the crap from RECR from Montana.

As I stated in my posting above Re: Fraud Department Friday, Mar 20th, 2009 at 2:29 AM

Stay away from all of them

Kelly Gale

I would in all fairness like to let everyone know that after all my ranting and raving and complaining to the I would like to let everyone know that after all my ranting and raving and fighting since February and going everywhere trying to get the rest of my money back, the new owner for RECR , by the name of Gerald, agreed to send me a cheque which I received on the 17 of July. I have deposited it and it has proven to be good so far. I received 693.00 of the 1169 that I originally paid, but I am still very grateful to have received as much as I got. Hope everyone else gets their refunds back.....Kelly


Good news Kelly.

Ask yourselves how can a company in the boondocks of Montana get leads from all over the US and beyond that are looking for a home from a Montana shell company ?Because they are junk leeds and worthless,yea they may get lucky on one, I had to e mail a cease and desist to stop the phone calls !! finally so far they stopped.

Remember Home Gain and the what I call the brand name lead generators are no day at the beach either, ask those who wanted to cancel them what happen.

All these companies need to be investigated to the fullest extent of the law.

Kathi Connors

This group should have been closed down by now - they have been doing this for years...they must still find enough of us to make $$$...They google areas all over the country and try to sell you the names they find, some of which are not even considered areas by local MLS's...that is what clued me to further check...Credit card companies work for you - and they should cancel any charges to this company at your request...Keep sending complaints to AG's by state...these folk are awful...

Paul H.

This is a follow up to my post from last year. After figuring out that RECR is a virtually a fraud, I attempted to get my money back. Of course they denied me the opportuntiy based on the contract (that I never carefully read) and they promised more leads etc. None turned out to be legit so I pressed for refund. Again I was met with rude resistance. Finally I sent complaints to the BBB and also the attorney general for the state they are located in. Eventually, through enough pressure, I did receive my full refund. I had refused a partial refund. So, if you have not sgned up with them, don't but if you have and you have not had any legitimate leads, press as I did, until you get a refund. Send a detailed complaint to the BBB and attorney general's office. Eventually maybe they will get shut down. Let's hope.


I would start by copy and pasting this message boards comments and,send it to the BBB and attorney general's office. in Montana Eventually maybe they will get shut down


Do you think there is enough dissatisfaction about this to be able to file a class action lawsuit? We signed up with a "money back guarantee." We sent back each of our leads, who were not qualified to buy in the areas they were wanting; RECR gave us back our leads but did not refund our money. They sent us a ton of leads very quickly and used up all our money so when the dispute went through we had no refund available. In essence, they "replaced" the leads with more crappy leads, but not the money for the bad leads. We disputed the credit card change but so far, we are losing; but we are still fighting. I'm not sure why but we did not check the Internet before purchasing. Hard lesson to lose.


I would start here

Montana Attorney General Web Site

Paul H.

Lauren (and others), that is their entire modus operandi. I agree with others, this entire series of posts should be sent to the attorney general to get RECR shut down once and for all. Imagine the tens of thousands of Realtors who have fallen for the same scam but who have not checked the net, not filed a complaint and simplly given up because of their tactics. A class action suit makes perfect sense. Is there anyone out there wanting to initiate such a thing? They are shameless and teaching terrible ethics to their employees as well. It is fraud of the highest order.


A class action suit makes perfect sense. Is there anyone out there wanting to initiate such a thing? may not be needed

On behalf of the Montana Attorney Office they may force RECR into repayment of monies to all ?? and that would be free.... in the event RECR is found guilty of some sort of crime.

Forward these postings to the Attorney General along with your complaint.

They will have to investigate RECR based on the individual complaints.


Paul H.

I sent the link to this series of posts to someone in the attorney general's office earlier today. Here is the email address they told me to use:

Kt Jacen

If you reaaly want your money back contact the real owner. Gerald is not the new owner of RECR. He is a front man who has worked for Mr Thompson for years and the other "new" owner is Adam who does all of the company dirty work.

Do you really want to see this change? Jeremiah Thompson sold this business to Curt Jacobsen sometime last year. Mr Thompson is somewhere in South America hiding out. Probably trying to invent his newest scam and avoid legal prosecution feom his old ventures.

It took a lot of digging to verify all this info so here you go. Lets contact the real owner and get our money back. Or maybe it is time to complere a class action suit. Mr Thompson faced this before with his free real estate referral company.

Mr Jacobsen is fair. Call or email him I am sure he had no idea whar he bought or how terrible the employees are. Treating people with disrespect is the preditory style of all management.

Here is a link to Curt's business email and his ethical company.

Corporate Technology Group

910 Brooks (same address)

910 Brooks St.
Missoula, MT 59801
Phone: (406) 532-7660
Fax: (406) 532-7650

Curt and Lanny Jacobsen should hear how agents are being trated by the monsters they trust.


Let's send Curt Jacobson to Nigeria where a lot of the other internet ripoffs originate. I looked up on godaddy and found the following info for anyone who may need it.


910 Brook St
Missoula, Montana 59801
United States

Registered through:
Domain Name: RECR.COM
Created on: 27-Apr-02
Expires on: 27-Apr-17
Last Updated on: 30-Mar-10

Administrative Contact:
Jacobson, Curt
910 Brook St
Missoula, Montana 59801
United States

Technical Contact:
Jacobson, Curt
910 Brook St
Missoula, Montana 59801
United States


Well I almost signed up, luckily my eye caught this web post/blog, and I called the young man that originated it. While reading the different input from others that had been scammed as well. It is correct, you really cannot find anything about them when you search for information.

Thank God, neither of the cards I gave for a preliminary account worked! Plus I called the card company to cancel any attempt to use them.

There are no free lunches, no easy way to get a handle on this real estate market. The last thing I need is the equivalent of four of my car payments going out to an unknown that gives nothing back!

Keep everyone honest, always report something that does not warrant an investment of time, money, or energy!



I received the exact email from Adam Chesterfield today! I also received a call from one about a month ago. He was very "cocky" whn talking about what he could do for me. It was as if I needed him more than he needed me... He said "IfI dont hear from you by noon (it was 11:30) then I will have to give this area to someone else. These areas are only available to ONE agent exclusivley! I have plenty of others waiting to get this spot and I'm offering it to you!!" My reply was this..."I appreciate you looking after me like that, especially since I dont even know you, I have to honest though, If I were selling something to you and you were not showing interest, I would have moved on after 2 min into this conversation with you if I had REALLY had other agents that were lining up as you say they are! I certainly would not have called you back and left message after message just as you have done" It just didnt seem right so I passed on this "opportunity". After receiving the Adam Chesterfield email verbatum to the one above, I decided to google it and see what was up with this...It is ridiculous!!!



Definite rip off. They claim they want to "work" with you, but just keep sending rejects and charging money. They send them so fast that by the time you've found out the referrals are junk they've spent a lot of your money. Somebody take them to court.


These guys tried to rip me off. I cancelled within the cancellation date because the leads were garbage and they played games with me and refused to refund my money. The dirt bags finally did after Iw as the 66th person to file a complaint with the BBB (They are rated F with them) and told them that 67 complaints was enough for the FTC to investigate. Suddenly I got my 1,600 back. Imagine that. Steer clear of RECR

Chris Morris

I too received a call from RECR. Thankfully I decided to try them out. So far I have received 15 clients and closed 4 of them. I only paid about $1000 to get the clients and have generated $12,000 in commission.

I'm sorry to hear some of you didn't give it a chance. I sure works with me.

Chris Morris
RE Professional



Glad you have had success where others have not. Kudos. I get a ton of calls to this day (almost 3 years later) from agents who found this blog post AFTER they lost their money.

The problem wasn't and isnt' the leads. The leads are never the problem. It's how they were being sold.

Thanks for weighing in.


Betty was great, then she was fired, or relocated or moved or whatever they try to cover their asses with. The service dropped like a ton of lead. I complained and said I would like a refund and got this email in return from Nathan Mitchell (an ass of a client services rep) "Thank you for your email. In the last string I went through and spelled out the services for you, as well as the benefits of the dispute process. I apologize if you don't understand it, but, there's no clearer way to word it. Even though your temper tantrum communications in our string of emails would point against the conclusion, you're an adult, and as an adult you must assume responsibility for your own actions." He is right. I lost my money and have no hope of getting it back because RECR is a bad company, with poor customer service and even worse leads. I am now getting my free leads after spending over $5,000. They don't have valid phone numbers or are on social security income and want me to help them make a million without a penny. Come on! I hate this company. Though I did like dealing with Betty in the beginning, it has fallen far since I signed up. To think that the manager Nathan Mitchell, could be such an ass to his long-time client. Stay clear of this company and never hire Nathan Mitchell for any client or customer service job!


That "endorsement" from Chris Morris, an "RE Professional", looks very suspicious. Chris, if you really are a REALTOR® please give us your brokerage name and market so we can validate it. Then maybe we'll take your comment seriously.

Morgan Carey

Most definitely looks like a fake :)


Well, I am in the process of requesting a refund. They are claiming I signed documents. I received 8 leads. They were all pitiful. They gladly allowed me to give back the lead telling me the next lead was free. I thought that meant they were so sorry they had done such a poor job qualifying the last one. I found all your posts informative and helpful. Except "Chris" the barn stormer from, oh I am just guessing, Montana.

Embarrassed in Southern California


I am just curious how to keep these people from calling me? They call everyday!!!! I tell them to stop, I threaten them and each day they act dumbfounded and claim not to have called, the day before. Now dear old Tyler Sant has sent me an email yet again..

Here is his new schpill:


I recently had a request from a customer for information about property in Mesquite. Since I'm located in Missoula, MT, I am looking for someone closer and better suited to help them out. My team has spoken to them and they are serious about this request and looking to do something fairly soon. I'd like to get this out to you right away, can you call me as soon as possible? You can contact me at 406-532-5579.

Best Regards,

Tyler Sant
Regional Manager

I was on to these guys years ago in NJ, but now I am in Vegas, and these idiots are trying to entice me to drive to mesquite for a client? LMAO

The whole thing is laughable, aside from the constant barage of unwanted cell phone calls..

P Harsch

My headache with this company was reported on this web site on 7/26/09. This is a brief follow-up for the benefit of those who have fallen for the scam as I did.

After being given the total and very effective runaround from first pleasantries to later rudeness as I pressed for a refund, I then turned to the BBB as well as the MT attorney general's office filing detailed complaints to both. I did finally get a full refund thanks to these efforts but it took a lot of pushing. I encourage anyone else who has been scammed by this outfit to submit their complaints to the MT AG. They really should be shut down!

Ripoff Reporter

Real Estate Client Referrals is now doing business under Real Estate Pipline with the website Same owners, same sales people, same customer service, same scam product. It is my highest recommendation that you all of have used this service or are currently using this service call and get a refund. Here's the catch, they will refund your money except for the "names" they have sent you. Let them know you will be issuing a "Charge Back" with your credit card company and you will recieve a check for your full amount right away. The ONLY way to shut this company down is by hitting them with charge backs because charge backs cost them A LOT of money....don't like Real Estate Client Referrals? Then shut down the new name they are under which is Real Estate Pipeline. They had to switch names due to how many Realtors they scammed and their merchant no longer wanted to play with them.


WORST SO-CALLED LEAD MANAGEMENT SCAM EVER! Purchased a few hundred dollars worth of thier leads. Had never heard of them before. EVERY SINGLE lead was bogus and the phone number always just ran and ran. I believe they used fake numbers and emails- complete waste of money. You will NEVER close a lead. IO did this for years and not one lead panned out.

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