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Value Waterfront Homes in Fort Lauderdale

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Highly desirable real estate, the ocean access waterfront homes with no fixed bridges in neighborhoods around downtown Fort Lauderdale cost millions of dollars. Tear-downs and fixer-uppers in Las Olas start around seven hundred thousand dollars. One home which was on the market earlier this year in Seven Isles had such a bad mold problem anyone who went in to look at the property had to sign a health waiver, and it still sold for over $700,000. In Harbor Beach, even the tear downs, old Flori...

12 Things You Must Know Before Buying Foreclosures

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Much attention, in some ways too much attention, in today’s market is focused upon Foreclosures, also known as REOs (Real Estate Owned). You can find some good deals in REOs, and they make sense for certain investors, however, don’t limit yourself just to shopping Foreclosures. Buyers should not overlook straight old-fashioned sales. Distressed property sets the bar, with the level of distress factored in, but if a homeowner needs to sell his house they cannot List it appreciably higher than...

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