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Exciting news has been running through Panama City Beach, Florida as Beazer Homes starts construction on its brand new community, Whisper Dunes.

This 75 acre development began almost two years ago. My assistant and I received a call from a southern region associate of Beazer Homes and were asked to come have lunch with two of their associates at the Bay Point Marriott. This meeting was to discuss my thoughts on the future outlook of Panama City Beach. After my thoughts were out on the table, they told me they want to bring a great community to our area with some of the best prices we've ever seen.

Beazer town homes in Panama City Beach, FL

Interesting enough, I followed up with them for over a period of six months after our initial meeting. I was eventually told that land on Panama City Beach Parkway was too expensive to accommodate the low prices they wanted to offer buyers.

Fast forward two years later and you can now drive down Panama City Beach Parkway and feast your eyes on Whisper Dunes Town Homes and Villas, and what should become one of the fastest selling communities on the beach. They were able to strike a deal with St. Joe, one of Floridas largest land owners, and close the deal a couple of months ago. We can't thank St. Joe enough for everything they are doing to help make Bay County an incredible place to live, work and play.

Beazer Homes, Whisper Dunes' entrance in to the communityConstruction is well underway. Currently no actual buildings are under development. However, after speaking with the project manager, Doug Lawrence, he assured me that he is ready to begin building models as soon as possible. At the moment they are finishing up work on the entrance road to the new community and once this is complete, construction on the town homes right next to the road should commence. He told me, "I want to get the models and pool area up as soon as possible."

From what we are told, prices will begin in the upper $100,000's and the max will be somewhere in the low $200,000's. This is an incredible price for Panama City Beach real estate. We are guessing many of the future Bay County International Airport employees will jump at the opportunity to live in this community, as it's proximity to Highway 79 is less than eight minutes. Add the distance of about 15 minutes from Highway 79 to the entrance of the new airport and you have a quick commute to work.

Site Map of Whisper Dunes in Panama City Beach, FloridaThe project is expected to take about four years total to complete; possibly less if all elements are completed in a timely manner. The community will consist of 228 town homes and villas (quad-plex). The inner region of the community consisting mainly of the villas will take center-stage in the grand scale of the project, while the outer border makes home to most of the town homes. A community pool will also be included in Whisper Dunes and will be complemented by a coastal community theme.

If you are thinking of reserving or buying a unit at Whisper Dunes, please feel free to contact us directly at 850-249-6655, or you can visit our website for more information.


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New update, there are actually 378 units that will be developed in Whisper Dunes!

Joe Harrison

We already have a tremendous glut of housing in Bay County. Our property values are diminishing daily. T here are projects all over this area that have been halted. It would seem to me that adding to the already huge inventory would only make things worse.

Kimberly Goff

Well, dang, I didn't realize I had to include my email address to submit a comment. So, this comment will be short and sweet because I don't feel like typing all of that again... Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I think it's great that were finally getting something thats on the beach and isn't over $300,000. Since they have decent square footage, me and my husband are going to look in to them. Lord nows we can't afford something in Hidden Pines or Palmetto Trace for this price. Kim

Mais Homes

Wow! Thanks for the great information. I had no idea that these homes for sale had a background story like that. It's lucky that they were able to get such a good deal on the land!

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