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Silver Lake Michigan Real Estate

Silver Lake Michigan Real Estate

Silver Lake New Listings are Picking Up

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Summer is just around the corner and people with homes to sell in the Silver Lake area have taken notice.  You will notice, that if you visit our website, OceanaBeaches.com, that there are a lot of new listings.  If you're hoping to own a home in the area, there's no time like the present!  Great prices, great interest rates - it's a buyer's market.

What is the best time to sell your Silver Lake Michigan home?

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Silver Lake is unquestionably a summer destination.  Most of the businesses are closed in the winter and it becomes a ghost town.  So what does this mean for those in the real estate market?  Below is a chart of all the sales in 2011. Month # of Sales January 1 February 2 March 2 April 3 May 1 June 2 July 6 August 2 September 4 October 5 November 2 December 2 ...

Price, Price, Price vs. Location, Location, Location...

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I recently read an article in the MAR newsletter stating that the three most important words in today's real estate environment are "Price, Price, and Price."  I'm sure everyone has heard that phrase before, only with "Location, Location, and Location."  My own recent experiences here in West Michigan seem to bear this out.  There are a lot of homes on the market that have sat for months & months and reason is that they are overpriced.  Then, once a home has sat there unsold for so long,...

Time to get that house on the Market!

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Historically, I've found March, April, and May to one of our best times for open houses and home buyer traffic.  People tend to hunker down after the holidays, but by about March, they start thinking about spring.  Right now, there are buyers in the market place and the available homes are a little "picked over."  There isn't much new inventory.  There are still a few foreclosures out there, but the ones that remain aren't that nice.  If you were thinking about selling your home this summer,...

Tips for Sellers, Part 2: Understanding the Power of the Internet

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According to a 2010 survey by the National Association of Realtors, 89% of home buyers use the internet during their home search.  That's nearly 9 out of every 10 home buyers.  What this means for you, as a home seller, is that you need a strong presence on the internet.  Try to find an agent who knows how to market your home online and can explain everything to you.  Many real estate agents work tirelessly promoting their clients' properties on various websites in order to get them the most...

Tips For Sellers, Part 1: LP Tanks

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Do own a rural home that has an LP tank?  If so, you need to be careful when you put your house on the market.  Here, in West Michigan, unless otherwise specified, the contents of the LP tank go with the home - no matter how full it is.  So, if it happens to get filled right before closing, you'd be on the hook for the $800 fuel bill and the buyers would get your LP.  My suggestion is to call your LP gas provider and tell them that you will let them know when to come fill the tank so they wo...

Why WINTER is Such a Great Time See SUMMER Vacation Real Estate

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Brrrr...   The cottages along Lake Michigan, Silver Lake, and Pentwater are all shuttered up and waiting quietly for summer to return.  So why would you want to come to snowy West Michigan to view properties, now, in the dead of winter?  Well, first of all, since so many of these homes are vacant, it's really easy to get in and see them without trying to work around some else's vacation schedule.  You'll see more homes in less time!  Also, the hotels and restaurants are much less crowded thi...