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Common questions we get from our home buyers and sellers.

Can you collect rainwater and reuse graywater in Denver?

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Are you allowed to collect rainwater in Denver?  How about reusing graywater in Denver?  As we move into spring and the rains start coming, it sure gets tempting to divert some of that water coming from the gutters into a garden.  Or better yet, collect rainwater to use for watering down the road.  It sure seems like a green concept and a way to use less water.  But is it legal in Denver?  The answer is NO. If you look at the Denver Water website, it explains both scenarios for colle...

Big Changes in Denver Zoning. “R-2” OUT. “U-SU-C1” IN.

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In January of 2005, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper appointed a community-based Zoning Code Task Force to guide and oversee a multi-year code-fix effort. With this step, Denver kicked off a five year effort to rein in the crazy quilt we’ve called our zoning code for the last 50 years. On June 25th, Denver’s new context-based zoning code became a reality, with a unanimous City Council vote. The first step for most of us is to begin to understand how the new code will affect our biggest investm...

Besides my down payment, how much money do I need to buy a house in Denver?

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This is a great question, especially for a first time buyer to ask. The answer is, not as much as you think.  On average, most buyers are going to be looking at 3.5% of the purchase price for down payment.  That is a "set in stone" number you can anticipate up front, but there are other costs that pop up.  Below is a break down of the majority of expenses first time buyers can expect when buying a home.  Of course, these can change, but this is a pretty standard estimate. 1) Earnest ...