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Stick with Steel! Buying Oceanfront Condos in Wrightsville Beach & Kure Beach NC

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Wrightsville Beach condos and Carolina Beach NC   Below is a partial transcription of a video I recently did providing important tips for buying oceanfront condos Hi I'm Jay Seville, the leader of the JustNewListings.com team from Wilmington, North Carolina and I happen to own JustNewListings.com realty in Northern Virginia and Washington DC where I have about five agents working for me there as well, but I live and work full time in Wilmington, North Carolina and I work a lot ...

Landfall Real Estates Surges 11% in Wilmington

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Sorry that's a photo and not a video.  You can get the video by clicking on the link below. Even though it’s a same size lot, it’s a completely different situation. So that alone and this little, I'll call it a token water view back into this little water, I'll call it not an inlet, but a tiny little pond manmade. I mean it's very different compared to the water view of Spinnaker which sold a lot more. This is a much larger body of water here.So, my point being there is these are not ...

It's the Creeks Stupid! Waterfront Homes in Wilmington NC

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Waterfront Homes in Wilmington--Try the Creeks Hi I’m Jay Seville, the leader of the justnewlistings.com team in Wilmington North Carolina and I also own justnewlistings.com realty in Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. where I have a team up there as well.  But make no mistake about it, I live in Wilmington North Carolina and work here full time. Waterfront Homes Wilmington NC Lately I’ve spent so much time showing what I will call the hidden gem of real estate in Wilmington ...

New Homes Prices in Landfall in Wilmington

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How much do new Landfall Homes Cost? So often my clients --usually moving to Wilmington from the northeast or the western part of North Carolina real estate are wanting to settle in Landfall for the long haul. With the Landfall country club costing $30,000 for membership it better be the long haul!  They are torn sometimes between buying land and building on it later when they retire in a couple of years. They want to buy now before prices go up.  Or they want to know what does ...

Renting Wilmington NC Real Estate is Such a Waste of $$$

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Losing $$$ by Renting Wilmington NC Real Estate Hi I'm Jay Seville the team leader for the JustNewListings.com team and I write for Wilmington-real-estate.com as well.. I live full-time in Wilmington North Carolina I also have a team operating in northern Virginia and Washington DC have negotiated about $50 million of real estate contracts over the last 12 years, and I want to go into a subject that is near and dear to my heart particularly after working with some client who just closed o...

Update on the Landfall Real Estate Market and YouTube Channel

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Latest and Greatest on Landfall Real Estate in Wilmington Spring 2012 So I started a youtube channel for a higher end neighborhood in my new market of Wilmington NC.  After selling in Northern Virginia and Washington DC for 11 years I had become very cozy with $300-600,000 transactions as the norm $$$.  I find myself in Wilmington now showing $150-200,000 homes mostly.  It's brutal.  The solution is get noticed for buyers looking for high end neighborhoods and google adwords.  While it's ...

Slidesharing my way to top of Google for Landfall real estate

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Slidesharing into the Landfall Home base--"safe!" About a month ago I read a social media/seo piece on slideshare--here is one similar.  Slideshare essentially lets you post powerpoint presentations online as well as embed them like you would a youtube video.  Sharing is allowed, etc.   The beauty of it is that google indexes the text and you can have some outbound text links in it as well as embed youtube videos within it, etc.  So slideshares can be totally optimized...and google loves ...

Quick update on the Kure Beach real estate market

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The Affordable Gem of North Carolina--Kure Beach, NC I'm blown away regularly by the great value of Kure Beach homes for sale.  In my previous market where my team still operates and I generate business there to hand off such as Virginia foreclosures, one could buy a $380,000 1 bedroom Clarendon condo facing the wall of another condo.  The selling point was location of course and being in an urban village where you can walk to everything.  But for the same price you can get oceanfront con...

New Wilmington NC and Wrightsville Beach Real Estate Added to JustNewListings.com

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Finally Wilmington NC real estate and Wrightsville Beach added to JNL It's been a couple of years in the making really with a ton of variables and life to contend with.  6 little kiddos makes it that much more distracting to pull off.  But I'm happy to announce that a new IDX market has been added to my main website JustNewListings.com after which JustNewListings.com Realty, Inc. is named.  With another IDX custom work needs to be done and is underway.  But some landing pages are up and r...

Landfall Real Estate Sales Skyrocket 370% in Wilmington NC

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Surreal Skyrocketing of Landfall Real Estate Sales With 21 sold homes in the Landfall neighborhood 28405 of Wilmington North Carolina one wonders what is happening to the local real estate market.  That is 370% more sales than 15 months ago and going back further the difference is even more extreme.  Those who have read this Landfall homes category of my REW blog know that the market is strong and on its way up.  The best time to buy there was a good year ago.  Wait another year and y...