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A Buyer's Market for Arlington VA Real Estate in Clarendon -- NOT!!!

jseville posted this 2,407 Views

There is a lot of talk out there about a buyer's market.  I hear the phrase from condo buyers weekly and need to set the record straight.  In general, for Arlington VA real estate there is definitely not a buyer's market.  However there is a particular price bracket where that is accurate.  And on the front end I do want to acknowledge some inspiration for this post from my comrade and blogroll partner at urban trekker who wrote Spotting Trouble in Metro DC Housing. Ar...

Update on the VA North Springfield Real Estate Market in Virginia

jseville posted this 2,014 Views

Real Estate in North Springfield VA & Virginia Homes for Sale It is generally  known that the North Springfield VA real estate market has been in transition the past 18 months.  How have the Springfield real estate sales fared compared to a year ago and to the rest of Fairfax County.  Have home sales increased?  Have prices come down?  In general the peak of the market for the region was the summer/fall of 2005.  Since then buyers and sellers have been n...

How much is a 1BR Condo in Arlington VA in Clarendon or Ballston?

jseville posted this 2,310 Views

Market Values for Condos in Arlington VA I've noticed in the last 2 weeks the emergence of a new market value for 1 bedroom condos in Arlington VA on the orange line in Clarendon, Ballston & Courthouse.  What used to be in the low $400,000s may now be worth in the upper $300,000s.  Here are some recent Arlington condo listings--some of them in my favorite buildings such as Continental, Odyssey and 1800 Wilson. What is interesting is that 2 of them are in Odyssey--in my...

Washington DC real estate prices & Arlington VA Home Prices Stabilize....

jseville posted this 1,675 Views

It's common knowledge that the market shifted in the last 18 months.  But it's only now that the statistics are verifying some of the price corrections....Many of us on the front lines knew prices in reality were different a long time ago, however this was not being illustrated by the monthly stats as far as the price variable was concerned.   Why not?  Well the stats on price only reflect sold homes.  Thus all the homes that did not sell, rent...

New FSBO Services Page Added to

jseville posted this 1,095 Views

A new FSBO services page has been added to  There are many shortcomings for owners going the route of for sale by owner.  If their goal is to retain some control and save some money, a more effective path is a discounted listing. Here are the advantages of discounted Virginia and DC real estate listings versus for sale by owner: MLS--home is listed for buyers to find when they search for phrases such as "northern virginia mls", "annand...

1800 Wilson Condo Bomb Hits Arlington VA Real Estate in Clarendon

jseville posted this 6,913 Views

Click here to read original version: 1800 Wilson Condo Bomb Hits Arlington VA Real Estate After reading the article feel free to view the current active listings in our area for these "hot searches"--and you'll find the other articles in the overpriced category to be much more humorous and biting so check out the menu bar to the left to access those other posts on overpriced listings: Clarendon Condos 2BR $400,000-650,000 Orange Line Condos 1BR $250,000-480,000 ...

Arlington VA Real Estate -- Equilibrium?

jseville posted this 1,801 Views

For Arlington VA real estate 2006 was a year when buyers and sellers did not get along.  Hence there were 12% fewer transactions in 2006 versus 2005 for Arlington County real estate.  Of course with prices so high fewer transactions was probably to be expected.  Average list price was 3% higher in 2006 as well, however the median sales price was down 3%. That's a sign something the buyers and sellers were having "issues".  Average List Price Tumbles for Real...

How to Sell an Arlington Virginia Condo in VA?

jseville posted this 1,133 Views

How to Sell an Arlington VA Condo: So what's the best way to sell a condo in Arlington Virginia real estate?  I think it's pretty simple to figure out.  Pretend you're going to buy a condo in Arlington VA.  Then make sure your condo is found when using the methods for searching for a home employed by buyers in the 21st century. Don't get stuck on the idea of photos of your home in the newspaper that make you feel so special, "Look, mom, that's my home in the Arlingt...

Arlington VA Real Estate Townhouse in Clarendon

jseville posted this 35,226 Views

This townhouse in the urban village of Clarendon is located in the sought after Courthouse Hill townhouse community.  These stately townhouses were built in 1996 a few blocks from the metro.  For out of towners "the metro" is what we call our subway system.  Any home on the orange line corridor carries inherent value when it is a walk to the metro home for sale.  As far as Arlington Virginia real estate is concerned, the Clarendon, Ballston and Rosslyn corrido...