Crazy Google Juice of REW Blogs SEO -- My Recent Experience at #1


Crazy Google Juice of Real Estate Webmasters Blogs - Here's What Happened

I'm still amazed at what happened to me recently in my perpetual quest for online leads and my addiction to google juice. Yeah, I need another shot of that for sure.

  google juice real estate webmasters I had added a regional page to my website for Ashburn Virginia homes for sale and real estate and could only get to page 3 in google.  So I decided to post at my REW blog for some additional real estate seo and WOW look what happened--unexpected--not even my plan!



Speaking of Google Juice--Open a 2.0 Brokerage in Your MLS Market

Hey associate brokers maybe you should consider opening up your own brokerage...not from scratch, but with a plan and take advantage of my experience in starting Realty, Inc.

  • did you know a legal office for a new brokerage only costs $200/month in most instances?
  • tired of paying BIG monthly fees for a 95% commission and no leads?
  • take advantage of google juice and be your own Principal Broker with clients to work with

 Real Estate 2.0 Brokerage Business Opportunity --video -- associate brokers hit me up to talk.  I'll frankly share my experience with you--the good the bad and the ugly about opening my own company and how you can take advantage of it.

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Just checked, since this post was indexed and therefore its link to my regional page added to the seo of my main ashburn virginia page now is at TOP of page 2 in google for ashburn virginia homes for sale. That's a climb of about 18 positions in 5 hours. So close to page 1 now--my ashburn page for Links from REW rock the house.

And that original REW blog post on ashburn is up there at #2 in google for ashburn virginia homes for sale.

Morgan Carey

Great post Jay - don't forget you can also post static user pages as well at REW Blogs - here is an example of one that is done really well from a unique content perspective.

Soon (probably within 30 days) there will be a brand new REW platform launched and it will open up even more opportunities for REW Users. On top of the forums and blogs you already have to post to, you will also get your very own free user site right here at - basically it's a second site (or third or fifth depending on how crazy you are lol) - and it will allow you to pull your listings, add content, add blogs, interact with your social bits at REW and much more!

It's going to be a lot of fun to see how folks with some real inspiration to use our platform such as yourself, do with this new technoloy.

Spoken Gently

Very good Jay. I've started blogging again here on REW for the same reason.

"Father of 5" Are you nuts? Join the club. Not sure where you are at with your 5, but the first 2 of my 5 are in college and I'm footing the bill. Ouch! We need to sell more real estate, eh!

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