Slidesharing my way to top of Google for Landfall real estate


Slidesharing into the Landfall Home base--"safe!"

About a month ago I read a social media/seo piece on slideshare--here is one similar. Slideshare essentially lets you post powerpoint presentations online as well as embed them like you would a youtube video. Sharing is allowed, etc. The beauty of it is that google indexes the text and you can have some outbound text links in it as well as embed youtube videos within it, etc. So slideshares can be totally optimized...and google loves including something alternatie in its rankings such as a video...or in this case a slideshare.

I made a pathetic slideshare on Landfall homes for sale--I say that because I inadvertently used some slides 2x--and within weeks it got to page 1 of google. You create inbound links to your slideshare presentation just as you would have links going to your own website. And of course your presentation can include links back to your pages or blog or blog posts. Very cool and I'll be making many more slideshares on niche neighborhoods and searches in the future based on my experience.

And the Most Recent Landfall listings

most_recent_landfall_listings1_666 most recent landfall real estate listings2

As you can see there is a variety of price ranges in Landfall in Wilmington. You have middle class, upper middle class, etc. The average sold price is around $780,000.

average landfall sold price

This community has perhaps the most extreme dominance by a listing agent I've ever seen. About 80% of new listings are by the same realtor equaling $80,000,000 of volume in a year. Think about that for awhile.

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