The Price you Pay for Hoggard High School Homes for sale and Parsley Elementary


So how much does "sought after" cost-- Hoggard High School and Parsley Elementary

In any Wilmington real estate market you are going to have sought after school districts when viewing homes for sale. Sometimes it's out in the open and even in the MLS remarks, "sought after." Other times it's locally known and somewhat unspoken but it's there regardless. Everybody knows what the more prized school districts are.

Wilmington NC High Schools--Hoggard High School vs Ashley High

In the high school arena the most sought after Wilmington NC high school is John T. Hoggard High School. The Hoggard High homes cost $680,000. A competing Ashley High the average price was just $417,000.

hoggard high school home prices in wilmington nc

So that's a 38% premium to live in the school district. And turning towards the elementary school arena....

Comparing Wilmington NC Elementary Schools -- Parsley vs. Carolina Beach vs. Holly Tree

There are several prized elementary schools in the Wilmington NC region. The most often referenced by locals and home buyers alike is Parsley Elementary school.

Parsley Elementary homes for sale prices vs Holly tree

As you can see the homes for sale in Parsley Elementary cost 25% more than Holly Tree Elementary.

You can see from this photo that test scores are top notch at Parsley in the 90%+ for most subjects and even 95% for some.

test scores for parsley elementary

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amazing in 1 day #1 in google for both keyword searches by creating a landing page on my website for each school followed by blog post on REW blog that linked to each page.

Nichey is BESTy. And a backlink from an original REW blog post helps a ton fast!

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