Using Tables with Outbound interior links to get attention for Porters Neck Homes


The Pursuit for Rankings on the Porters Neck Homes page

My closest colleagues across the country know I'm headed into new territory to open up an office in Wilmington NC adding a 2nd REW IDX to my main website But with that I've started a couple of new wordpress sites from scratch--one of the reasons to force myself to learn to work the WP potential that can be applied to a multitude of goals either commercial, personal or for activism, etc.

I did a little test and adding a couple sentences about Wilmington real estate on and sure enough they ranked page 2 in google immediately which tells me I can expect good things when i start adding content regularly and intensely to that domain combined with the high powered REW IDX. I do think I'll be able to be a player online in the new market fast with the website. It might even bother some local old time realtors who have done nothing with their sites for years yet still rest high up in google's rankings.

One of my strategies with a new website is to set up landing pages that spider out to other pages on the topic such as foreclosures or condos. Here's a pic of what ended up being #1 in google for Northern Virginia Foreclosures for at least a year; I didn't realize it at the time so have no idea how long it was going on.

getting Porters Neck to rank in google

So each of those links is goes to an internal page that also has "city" and "foreclosure" in the URL structure, etc. I really think google likes such powerhouse pages that coherently direct people exactly where they want to go. Another example would be having a page for city state condos for sale....And on that page you would have a table of of keyword links to the individual condos in that city. Each condo gets is own landing page that is optimized all the way. I've had good success with that too with an Ultimate Guide to Buying a Clarendon Condo blog post that had a table linking out to 20 different condos.

Adding a Table to Porters Neck Homes for Sale Page

After creating the landing page for Porters Neck neighborhood on the new site (see related link below) I was ranking around 30. Now it's at 12 with a couple of inbound links. But google hasn't indexed the page for a couple of weeks. So now this table is being added and I expect google when it's indexed again to throw up into the top 5 asap. Am I kidding myself? I hope not and will update you in the comments section soon. The challeng is getting crawled again when you're a new site. I viewed the cache on my wilmington real estate blog and it's 3 weeks old missing 5 blog posts. Son of a gun! Where's the respect, G?

I know so many of you can relate to this journey for influence and rankings.

table of porters neck communities in wilmington so each of those

links to a niche community landing page. I doubt anyone will search those hyper hyper community pages within Porters Neck in Wilmington but it helps the main landing page a lot--at least that's my anticipation.

Stay tuned and maybe we total amatuers can learn from each other! :)

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