What to Expect When Buying a Wrightsville Beach Condo


Setting your Expectations for Wrightsville Beach Condos

For several years North Carolina has been the top retirement destination for baby boomers along with South Carolina. It's like Florida is no longer cool anymore and much of it is overrun with big box retail centers or overcrowded.

"In fact, South and North Carolina now top the preferences of baby boomers who will be retiring in the next decade, according to a recent survey from homebuilder Del Webb." (source: TopRetirements.com and on other websites as well)

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What to Expect When Searching for Wrightsville Beach Condo

Whether you're actively engaged in your search for beach condo or planning in advance a year or two it's worth having a realistic view of your condo purchasing journey. For some that journey can be a 2 year process waiting for exactly the right Wrightsville beach condo with the right view to come on the market or a quickie 2x times out looking at condos for sale and going under contract on a dream home. The more nichey the search the longer it potentially takes. For example if you not only need a particular location and view and at least 1500 sq ft for example it's likely to take much longer and require you to pounce on the opportunity when it comes as opposed to negotiating hard and risk losing it to a competing offer. You're not the only one looking for that dream retirement condo in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

Expectations-- Square feet, # of listings, median sales price, days on market, water views for Beach condos

Median Square Feet: for 1 level condos (1 floor living) the average is about 800 sq ft. But if you include multi-level condos you get much more sq ft in Wrightsville Beach

median square feet condos wrightsville beach

# of new listings each month: in both February and March of 2012 there were 12 new listings each month coming on the market. However if you only count 1 level homes the number drops to about 7 new listings each month. So the # of homes available in your price range and desired square feet is likely to be about 1 new listing each month. this could take awhile.... :(

Average Sales price: Prices have stabilized in recent months with a median about $600,000 but a year ago at same time prices were dropping sharply.

prices stabilize for condos wilmington

Days on market: The average time to sell a condo is about 6 months....However in March 2012 the days on market was only 104. So is this a new trend for much quicker condo sales in Wrightsville beach? Time will tell.

average time to sell a condo

Ocean Views: Almost all condos have ocean views that list in the area.

Most "popular" condominium in Wrightsville Beach: Shell Island Resort

I put popular in quotation marks because it has the most sales--but this is likely due to it being a larger condominium with more units than the others not necessarily due to being especially sought after.

shell island resort condo wrightsville beach

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