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Selling Your Home On Halloween

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Halloween is my favorite holiday although I'm not inspired for a costume this year.  My granddaughter, who lives with us, can't figure out what she wants to be.  I found a scary clown face photo but it looks like it was done by a professional and I don't think I can get close to it, but I'll try! Last year on my Homer Glen Halloween post I uploaded an Instagram photo of our Halloween decor with a few extras.  This time I have a very short video that shows our newest addition, the org...

How Have Four Popular Chicago Suburbs Fared in 2nd Quarter Sales

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As I'm trying to rein in the areas I service I'm starting to concentrate on my 3 main areas by creating hyper-local niche websites and doing some lead generating.  Below are 2nd quarter sales stats for single family homes in the following southwest Chicago suburbs: Orland Park is my main area and showed excellent 2nd quarter sales statistics for single family homes: there was a whopping 46.7% increase in the amount of single family Orland Park homes sold - that's huge! there was ...

Mortgage Commitment Vs. Closing Dates

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I've started changing the way I date our contracts regarding mortgage commitment vs. closing dates.  Rarely do I see full buyer commitment a week or more prior to the closing date.  In most cases, the commitment is given the week of the closing date and sometimes we have to ask for extensions for one or both dates.  I am giving closing dates as follows: 45 days for conventional financing (used to be 30 in the past) 60 days for FHA/VA (used to be 45 in the past) I don't like to...

Rebound Prices in California Do Not Equate to Orland Park, IL

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I was recently on a listing appointment for a gorgeous Orland Park home.  It had been up with another agent.   Unfortunately, the owners purchased it new in 2006.  That was the peak year for Orland Park home prices and it's been downhill since. Some news stories are very positive about the real estate market, but the areas that are rebounding, like much of California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, etc., are completely different than the southwest Chicago suburbs.  Our market is busy and homes are s...

Highest Priced Southwest Chicago Suburbs 2012

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Palos Park remains in the lead for the highest priced southwest suburb single family homes.  It lost that lead in 2010, when Lemont  took  the top spot.  That was a one year fluke and Palos Park once again reigns supreme.  Below are the top four southwest suburbs price-wise for 2012: 1.  Palos Park - average sale price $363,277 2.  Lemont - average sale price $326,735 3.  Frankfort - average sale price $319,676 4.  Homer Glen - average sale price $299,476 What I find interesti...

Homer Glen Homes 2012 Market Sales Statistics

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2012 Single Family Homer Glen Homes Sales Statistics The chart below will show all sales activity from January through December 2012 for Homer Glen homes for sale. Although many areas of the nation are showing reduced inventory, you can see that in 2012 there was too much supply vs. buyer demand.   March had the most homes up for sale at 226 December had the least amount of homes for sale at 138 April was the month that the most homes went under contract at 24 March ...

Orland Park Homes Market Activity 2012

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The following chart shows 2012 sales statistics for single family Orland Park homes. I love reviewing the full year charts for the towns I work in.  It shows the months that had the least and most activity:   June had the most homes up for sale - there were 360 single family Orland Park homes on the market. It's no surprise that December had the least amount of inventory for sale - 251 homes were available. Three months tied for the most homes going under contract - April,...

$21,007,402,045 of Real Estate Sold So Far in 2012 - MRED

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That's a lot of properties sold!  MRED (Midwest Real Estate Data) is the MLS source for Northern IL real estate, and goes into some border towns of Wisconsin and Indiana.  So far in 2012 over 21 billion dollars worth of real estate has been sold via our MLS, which used to be the largest in the nation.  With some states trying to create statewide MLS's, like California, MRED has fallen on the list by size, but it still covers a lot of territory. I get a lot of inquiries from people tha...