Ancient NAR & MIBOR Leaders Carve Out New Laws In Stone


MIBOR memberA highly respected tribe leader that had settled in Indiana was upset over a competing tribe member advertising his caves for sale.  He brought his grievance up with his local higher powers named MIBOR.

MIBOR wasn't sure how to interpret these ancient scrolls and they contacted the highest powers that be  called NAR.  Together, they reviewed these ancient scrolls to come to an agreed upon interpretation.

Even though the complaining tribe leader had signed an agreement of reciprocity, he did not understand what that meant.  He did not like sharing his wares with others.  He wanted to be the only tribe allowed to sell his inventory of caves.  Any cave buyers had to come directly to him to purchase his inventory.

Smoke Signals

You see, this ancient tribe leader had heard about and had even witnessed communication via smoke signals, which allowed tribes to speak far and wide instead of face to face.  But he never anticipated that his cave selling business would be affected by this method of communication. 

He was angry that this competing tribe member learned of a way to make her communications stand out above his own.  He did not think it was fair, hence his complaint.

The competing tribe member was forced to change her method of sending smoke signals.  This new law affected all cave sellers that worked under the higher power of MIBOR.  This law could affect all cave sellers in other areas of our great land.

Back to the Future

I cannot help but laugh at what is occurring over at MIBOR because it is so backward and ridiculous.  Yet it is not a laughing matter and if we don't band together it could happen to all of us, even in 2009.

To think that one member had enough clout to create such an interpretation of existing rules is unbelievable.  This one member does not want another member in his board to have an advantage over him and instead of learning how to compete he “tattles” in a successful attempt to pull this competitor (and others) down.  Is this really happening?  Pinch me, I must be sleeping and having a nightmare.

And for any broker or agent that says this isn't a big deal and what's all the fuss, don't even bother.  I have had many top and first place positions in Google for my important keywords and am constantly working on more.  I attained these serps before I ever instituted my custom idx.  So I agree that allowing individual listings to be indexed isn't necessary to compete in the search engines.  But what is happening is a big deal and it's an idiotic ruling.

If we choose to set-up and pay for a custom idx, what is the harm?  Why can't an SEO savvy real estate webmaster try to improve their website and improve their search for local buyers and sellers?  And don't give me that stupid scraping excuse.  In fact, out of the many wonderful posts and articles out there, this is one of my favorites by Ryan Hartman telling how he easily scraped

Some say that's the only reason for this stupid rule – that NAR is trying to protect  But this started with MIBOR.  So I don't buy that.  Read Morgan Carey's post about MIBOR.

I wrote my letter of concern to Cliff Niersbach.  I guess I really need to think about joining a committee although I'm going to have to speak with someone at the board as I don't see anything related to the MLS or technology.

I hope Paula Henry and Jay Thompson get through to someone at today's committee meeting.  I do not see how this ruling is protecting the public.  It is only protecting those dinosaur brokers/agents that refuse to learn how to compete online.

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Too funny. Leave it to you to put a creative spin on this serious subject.

You make a good point. The indexing of individual listings is about providing ready and detailed information to your buyers.

I have two websites, one with the Custom IDX that allows indexing of pages and one with a framed IDX solution that does not allow for the indexing of individual listings. Both rank at the top of Google for most of the major key phrase combinations that every realtor works on.

So the Custom IDX solution should not be seen as neccessary to top search rankings, but rather as another way that a Realtor can provide quality, easy to find information to poptential buyers.

Isn't that what every Realtor is in business to do? ]

I guess for the Cavemen at MIBOR, not so much.

Tom W.


Hey Judy, where have you been? Your great wit has been missed! Great post!


Thanks guys.

Tom - I had to put my own spin on this debacle but it took a while to get it in writing - the day of the summit meeting. NAR backed down but it isn't "written in stone" yet. Only time will tell if MIBOR will "cave" in.

Cal - I've been busy but I do pop in time and again. And I'll be leaving soon for a 10 day stay at our AZ townhouse - we're getting some of our funiture delivered. So I'll probably be off the radar for a while again.


What a great post! Perfect, really, how you incorporated humour in a punchy and relevant way, and also followed up with your own serious opinions, and links to other resources. Thumbs up!!

Oh and, how ridiculously confusing that Tom's handle is "CALzephyr" (emphasis added) and then Cal commented under him. I already called Tom "Cal" once.


Looks like I might have to have to change my "handle",but Judy knows who is who...

Paula Henry

Judy - This is great! I apologize I didn't get around to reading it until now. So many to read We all know now the powers that be did not have the guts to stand for what is right, MIBOR deferred it back to committee. My broker and I met wiuth MIBOR yesterday and they are stuck in the mud, saying they can not change the ruling at our board level.they may have a BLC Committee vote which will allow brokers to opt in/out of indexing their listings. REALLY?

Something about brokers would not have signed a BLC (thats Indiana for MLS) IDX agreement if they thought the current rule did not prevent indexing. HA! I would be quite amazed if they even knew what indexing was 2 years ago when they started changing to BLC, because obviously, they don't understand it now.

As far as that ancient cave man, It was told to me behind closed doors, HE is the one who actually interpreted the rule when he wrote his complaint......and now, here we are; hands tied because one broker can't compete. Poor him, I am advertising his listings and scraping his data, what a joke!

I agree with you, Mike Taylor and I will be fine,even without indexing, because we have great sites, we spend hours on them and SEO. I guess MIBOR actually tied the hands of every other broker here who doesn't know how to compete.

Thanks for your support!


Thanks Gerry, I'm out of town so this is a late response.

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