Activity or Action - Which Kind of Real Estate Agent are You?


The sales manager in our Henderson office at Prudential Americana (who is responsible for over 400 real estate agents in Las Vegas) is noted for his motivational weekly emails, and this one particularly caught my eye. So many times as agents (and of course this can apply to any field), we get so caught up in daily "activities" that we never accomplish anything meaningful. With John's permission, I thought I would like to share his thoughts, especially at a time when so many are struggling to stay in business.

"Activity or Action - Who Knew There Was Such a Difference?
Words of Wisdom from John Joseph

Activity and action are two words that are often used to describe the same thing. The true fact is that these two words are very distinct and when applied properly to productivity can mean the difference between great success and frustrating failure!

Let’s take a look at what these words actually mean…according to Webster’s Dictionary….

Activity - Energetic movement. A state of motion.

Action – The bringing about of an alteration. Behavior resulting in a result or outcome.

We notice that agents who have not identified their motivation and who have not indentified what they are trying to create are typically involved in activities. They just go through the processes with little or no result intended. They are frustrated and look for the “secret sauce” or the newest shiny tool to help them succeed!

Agents who have a strong connection to what they are working towards and what they want to create for themselves are always involved in “action”. They have the motivation to create a positive result in order to get what they desire! You can identify these agents by the focused schedule they keep, the continuous development of their skills and their unrelenting drive to create a buyer or seller appointment each day.

The questions become…

  1. Are you crystal clear on your motivations to succeed?
  2. Is your production what you want it to be?
  3. Are you caught up in doing activities or are you focused on results?
  4. What will you choose? Activities or actions?"

I like to think I am a very focused person, but even I sometimes fall into the trap of activity vs action. It is easier, because usually activities require a lot less thought and you can fool yourself into thinking you are accomplishing something. But ACTION is what it's all about, and I choose to take action!


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