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Karrie Rose

New Urbanism: The Old Kid on the Block?

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Our world has changed. A decade ago you wouldn't hear of supermarkets doing something as strange as banning plastic bags. Then again, you also wouldn't hear of something as absurd as a pop star wearing a dress made out of meat! A strong drive to innovate permeates our culture: making change is exciting now, instead of scary. This new attitude also transfers to the world of residential real estate development. It seems as though the boring and ill-conceived master-planned communities of the p...

Mending Fences: Fences as Selling Features

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Do you live in a part of the country where people really love their dogs and need space for them to roam? Maybe you have discovered the joys of gardening and, unfortunately, so have local deer. Or perhaps you live in a family-oriented community and you and your neighbors just want a safe place for your children to play. Whatever your reason for wanting one, a fence can make your house stand out in the market against homes without adequate fencing for children, pets, and/or gardens. So whic...

Don't Become A Victim of Real Estate Rental Scam

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Are you looking forward to taking a much-needed break this summer? Are you searching for the best online deals? If, like millions of other North Americans, you are planning a beach vacation to Florida's beautiful Emerald Coast, the last thing you need is to find yourself the victim of the latest real estate scam to be sweeping the internet.When planning a family holiday to a popular beach resort, no-one expects to arrive at their chosen vacation home to find that they have no reservation...

Is It A Good Time To Buy A Vacation Home?

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With spring well underway and summer fast approaching, many of us will be longing for a relaxing vacation. For many North Americans, that means heading for the beach and soaking up some much-needed sunshine. While we sit back and watch the kids playing in the surf, the most pressing thing on our minds will be "Where shall we go for dinner this evening?". Bliss! And at the end of our allotted stay, we will pack our bags and head home with just a few photographs, souvenirs and memories of a...

Yahoo's Sun Shines On Santa Rosa Beach

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When thinking about your next vacation destination, what comes to the top of your list of 'must-haves'? Some of us may opt for places offering historical and cultural sites, while others choose resorts or locations handy for golf courses or world-class shopping. But for many, the most important factor to be considered when planning a relaxing getaway is the beach. The same applies when we are looking to buy a holiday home or coastal retreat. Along with accessible amenities, our top prior...

Vision Airlines Has Destin In Its Sights

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Visitors can now find themselves soaking up the rays on Destin's glorious beaches with not only the Gulf's crystal clear water lapping at their toes, but with a few more dollars in their pockets too. Vision Airlines has just announced major expansion in its commercial routes to and from Northwest Florida Airport, meaning that Florida's Emerald Coast offers even greater value than ever before! Vision's low-cost, non-stop flights will provide tourists with direct routes to Destin, and other de...

The Gulf Coast Market: After the Oil Spill

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2010 has been a tense year for residents of the Gulf coast. The tragic loss of 13 lives in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon explosion in April was just the start. As the months went by and the world's eyes remained focused on the events surrounding the ensuing oil spill, the Gulf's economy — already affected by global recession — looked to be in an increasingly perilous state. As real news dried up, the media filled its editorials and airwaves with countless theories, and experts in al...