Are You Good at Selling Houses? A Fun True-or-False Quiz


Ever wonder how some real estate agents got to be so good at selling houses?

Read through this true-or-false quiz and consider whether each of the statements is true or false. Have fun! The answers are at the bottom of the post.

  1. quiz_pictureThe hardest part of selling a house is over once you get the for-sale sign in the ground.
  2. Selling real estate can easily be a second job. You can make money by devoting only an hour or two over the weekend to your clients and by ignoring annoying clients who insist on calling during the week when you are working elsewhere.
  3. A real estate agent should only say what the client wants to hear. Start by telling your client that their house is worth five times more than any other house in the neighborhood. Tell your client that their house will sell in a week or two, and continue to tell them this every week until it sells.
  4. Pictures of homes for sale should not present the home in a good light. This ensures prospective buyers will not be let down when they see what the home actually looks like. As well, buyers are often intrigued by pictures that include people, stains on carpets, undergarments lying around, creepy ornaments, or obvious hazards.
  5. When writing up listing ads don't waste time checking spelling - most people won't notice speling aerors anyhow. And use as many abbreviations as possible - you'll look much smarter.
  6. Buyers are like deep wounds - pressure should be constantly applied.
  7. It is perfectly acceptable to represent states where you are not licensed.
  8. The more your clients hear from you, the better. Email and phone potential buyers on a daily basis. Call late at night or very early in the morning when you are sure your clients are home. Your voice should be the last thing they hear at night and the first thing they hear in the morning.
  9. There are two effective ways to sell a house:
    1. Be very positive. Pretend the house has no flaws and dismiss buyers' reservations. Talk about everything in a positive light and talk nonstop. Do not give the buyer room to disagree.
    2. Use reverse psychology. Effective reverse psychology strategies include: grimacing while showing the home, holding your nose, and pointing out disagreeable things like mold behind the toilet. Tell the prospective buyer that you need to "check" the basement prior to showing it.
  10. It is never a good idea to use social media tools. If someone says they tweeted nice things about you, ask them if they have wings.

Answers: There might be room for debate on some of these questions, but most real estate agents would agree the answers are all false!


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