Charlotte most affluent zip code, can you guess it?



Can you guess it. I bet you could. Of course it will be close to center city, but not in the four wards. It is by a major hospital, has the word park in its name. It is zip code 28207. Okay you guessed it...


Myers Park


This is based on data from and their properitery method based on calculating affluence. Some stats about the area are:

  1. 2009 average home value - $702,154
  2. 2009 average disposable income - $117,694
  3. 2009 average net worth - $1,415,583
  4. 2009 per capita income - $79,527
  5. 2009 median income - $114,185
  6. 2009 average income - $167,700
  7. Number of households - 3,678
  8. Number of total population - 7,846

Here are some of the homes in Charlotte's Luxury homes! Enjoy!

Myers park real estate




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