Chinese Drywall - The signs you may have it!


Lets start by saying at this time there are no definitive scientific tests to determine if some home has Chinese drywall.

BUT rotten egg

What the field inspectors are noticing is a rotten egg smell (sulfuric acid). Also the other thing people are noticing is all the corrosion (a blackening) of metal items like bathroom fixtures, electric socket copper wires, and copper pipes. Also frequent failures of heating and cooling systems too.

Detection Tricks!

One industry event reported this trick for detection, if you have central air. Hang a silver piece of jewlery in front of a vent, and wait a few days to see if any corrosion has taken place. Also placing copper pennies on the drywall in the attic, and see if it turns black. When you are up there with your penny, peel back any insulation and look for chinese markings. Not all have it, but some do.

Health concerns!

The biggest threat and problem with this is poeple are reporting signs of headaches, itchiness and difficulty breathing! Obvioulsy if you suspect you have a chinese drywall problem, and have these signs (or others), please see a doctor, but also report it to the Consumer Product Safety commission.


Where it all started?

In July 2006, a cargo ship called the Star Djervanger docked at Wilmington, N.C., after a trip from China. Its cargo: about 9,000 tons of drywall, enough to build about 2,000 homes.

Where is it?

In a word, Florida! That is not to say it has not been detected in other states. In South Carolina, USG imported nearly 9,400 tons of Chinese drywall in April 2006, according to the PIERS data. It’s unclear where that drywall was used. As for North Carolina, there have been no reported incidents as of yet. Home builder Lennar has identified 400 homes in Florida, and has set aside 38 million to reslovle the issue.


North Carolina - No reported issues yet ;-)






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That's pretty scary. This is the first time I've heard about this hazardous drywall. Hope it didn't get to Hawaii!


The Consumer Product Safety Commission has finally linked Chinese drywall to metal corrosion in homes with it installed. This will just be the first of many problems associated with this toxic import.A deadline to file a lawsuit against one of the manufacturers is next week. If you've been affected by this product, please don't go without reading:

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