Elizabeth Sales Price Down?


Elizabeth mapI just saw an article on Yahoo and Charlotte Business Journal saying sales are down in Elizabeth (which is an area of Charlotte, most in zip 28204).

The article went on to say that Forbes.com says the Elizabeth area of Charlotte is among 25 U.S. neighborhoods experiencing the fastest drop in home prices.  Also that year over year, there has been a 37% drop of price, with the median sales price at $272,000.  The criteria Forbes.com looked at was the top 25 cities in America, an area within the city limits, had at least 10 sales with prices above $150,000.

Hmmmm!  10 sales you say.  I guess they did not get there data from CMLS.  According to our new "Sales history data", which you can get on my website, there has only been 1 sale this year.  Two if you want to include 12/31/2008. 

If you go there you can check it our yourself.  In the drop down box type in "Mecklenberg", Zip = 28204, area = Elizabeth.

Data, it is all in the way you analize it.  Turn the data into words and reports from journalists, and BAM, we are worse off then you would think.  I wish they all had a link or something to show where and how they got there data.  Here is my source.

Address Sold On Price  
708 Sunnyside Ave 05/15/2009 $499,900 Details
2008 Greenway Ave 12/31/2008 $438,500 Details
2525 5th E St 10/09/2008 $535,000 Details
628 Oakland Ave 09/30/2008 $340,000 Details
2316 Kenmore Ave 09/19/2008 $550,000 Details
421 Dotger N Ave 08/08/2008 $812,500 Details
1512 8th E St 07/17/2008 $1,020,000 Details
2337 Kenmore Ave 06/26/2008 $599,000 Details
2021 8th E St 06/13/2008 $420,000 Details
2513 5th E St 05/28/2008 $497,500 Details
1925 8th E St 05/28/2008 $400,000 Details
2043 Greenway Ave 05/22/2008 $550,000 Details
1501 8th E St 05/15/2008 $376,000 Details
2209 Kenmore Ave 05/14/2008 $455,000 Details
2029 9th St 04/30/2008 $682,000 Details
1925 Bay St 03/24/2008 $680,000 Details
2130 Fifth E St 03/20/2008 $629,000 Details
2228 5th E St 03/11/2008 $533,500 Details
705 Clement Ave 12/06/2007 $455,000 Details
700 Louise Ave 11/20/2007 $350,000 Details


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