Foreclosures of Matthews, NC


If you are looking for a home around Charlotte NC, you may want to try this great little town called Matthews. It is located in the South East portion of Mecklenberg. The town has roots that go back to the early 1800's, where it was originally named Fullwood Station and Stumptown. The reason for Fullwood, was because the postmaster name was John Miles Fullwood, and the reason for Stumptown, was because this area was fertile in trees, and as they were cut down, the area became known as Stumptown. It was not until the railroad came to town in 1874, that they decided to call it Matthews, in honor of a director in the railroad company named Edward Watson Matthews.


So without further ado, here are the Matthews Foreclosures or Matthews Bank owned properties...

Foreclosure Stage, Tax ID, Address, City State Zip, Subdivision, Foreclosure Recording Date, Case Number, Scheduled Sale Date/Auction Date, Posted Date, Mortgage Type, Mortgage Balance, Last Payment Date
Bank Owned,193-421-19,3109 Gulfstream Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Fairbridge/Callaway Plantation,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,215-182-01,2208 Kimway Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,Kimbrell Acres Sec 03,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-362-57,3309 Chistow Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Marshbrooke,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-562-06,3209 Abbey Walk Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Village/St Andrews Map 02,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-346-36,2202 Mullis Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Wynchase Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-151-03,5201 Margaret Wallace Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Ravencroft Ph 01 Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-181-71,7127 Gates Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-151-02,5115 Margaret Wallace Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Ravencroft Ph 01 Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-181-75,7110 Gates Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-334-81,1116 Acacia St ,Matthews NC 28105,Streamside/Matthews,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-218-13,428 Matthews Estates Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Matthews Estates Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-181-72,7135 Gates Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-181-74,7124 Gates Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-181-01,5217 Margaret Wallace Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Markham Village,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,215-261-64,13717 Andulusian Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,Windrow Estates Map 07 Sec 06,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-642-02,315 Wellingshire Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Reverdy End,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-181-70,7115 Gates Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-381-23,2343 Fernridge Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Brightmoor Sec 03,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,213-252-08,812 Duffy Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Sardis Forest Map 03 Sec 04,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-282-11,1325 Somersby Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Somersby,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,215-041-58,707 Selma Burke Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Fullwood Trace Map 04,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-601-31,1826 Kings Manor Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Pleasant Rdg Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-015-23,250 Park Square Pl ,Matthews NC 28105,Park Sq/Downtown Matthews,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-013-36,165 S Trade St # C1 ,Matthews NC 28105,Griffin Square Condo,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,231-071-85,3329 Weddington Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Weddington Road,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,213-115-15,225 Morning Dale Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Sardis Forest Sec I,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,231-074-02,3640 Weddington Ridge Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Weddington Rdg Ph 01 Map 03,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-342-24,905 Evian Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Hampton Green Ph 02,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,215-207-28,13506 O Toole Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,Heathers,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-362-81,3418 Chistow Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Marshbrooke,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,135-331-36,3542 Jared Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Fox Landing,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-024-67,2855 Longspur Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,Callaway Forest Ph 01 Map 03,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-334-27,2537 Wood Star Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Wood Hollow Sec 02,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-614-12,1911 Wilrose Pl ,Matthews NC 28105,Thornblade Hills Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-501-02,3105 Rheinwood Ct ,Matthews NC 28105,Ashley Farm Ph 02 Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-611-09,1734 Spring Stone Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,Thornblade Map 04,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,227-614-01,1958 Wilrose Pl ,Matthews NC 28105,Thornblade Hills Map 01,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-462-09,2327 Axford Ln ,Matthews NC 28105,Dunnwood Map 02 Map 02,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,193-406-15,3205 Williams Rd ,Matthews NC 28105,Julian Mdws,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,215-207-29,13500 O Toole Dr ,Matthews NC 28105,Heathers,,,,,,,
Bank Owned,195-134-12,6023 Abergele Ln ,Matthews NC 28104,Shannamara Ph 02 Map X,,,,,,,

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