Whatcom County Relocation (King of the House) Home Inspections


The proximity to the Canadian border is helpful to the Whatcom county economy. A huge number of nearby Canadian shoppers are attracted to our grocery stores and department stores. The boost to our economy does not stop there. We have four busy border crossings in the county -- Blaine (two points of entry), Sumas and Lynden. Department of Homeland Security has, over the past few years, been adding staff at the border, including U.S. Customs, Immigration and Border Patrol.

Bald eagle, Curtis Brown, Curtis C Home Inspections

The national symbol, the bald eagle, is an often seen sight here in the northwest corner. Along with Homeland Security adding personnel, many Canadians (strong dollar) are packing-up and moving to Whatcom County or they are establishing vacation homes in the USA. Major oil refineries, BP and ConocoPhillips, are bringing in additional personnel as well. Needless to say, despite the national real estate slowdown, the Whatcom county real estate market is faring better than many other areas of the country.

I have included, below, links to videos I have recently produced on relocation home inspections.


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