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Kirby Cox

Taking Time to Invest in Your Community

Kirby Cox posted this 732 Views

For many business people, it is not enough just to work in a community; we want to make connections and feel like we are a part of the environment that we live and work in. One great way that you can become more involved with your community is with charitable works. Getting involved with area charities in one (or more) of a variety of ways can help you make a connection with the people who live and work in your community; it can also help make you feel more connected to your commun...

Selling Your Home: Using Buyers' Incentives

Kirby Cox posted this 751 Views

Ever wonder how you can get more prospective buyers to tour through homes that you’re working on selling for clients? For one creative Chicago home owner, the strategy is in offering prospective buyers a “value added” bonus to buy her home. The Glenview resident decided that she needed some incentive to set her townhome apart from the others for sale in her area. Due to proximity to one of the local culinary establishments, that incentive was chosen to be a $1000 tab at Grandpa’s Place r...

Calgary’s Luxury Properties Boosting Sales

Kirby Cox posted this 846 Views

While we here in Canada have certainly felt some fallout in our markets from the economic turmoil in the US, things seem to be looking up in many areas of the country this year. One market that is showing some great recovery this year is Calgary; home sales in August have surpassed the number of sales that the city had last year at this time. Luxury homes, which the Calgary Real Estate Board defines as properties over $1 million, have been a substantial part of the bigger and better sale...

Sensitive Client Information Discarded Improperly by Edmonton Mortgage Broker

Kirby Cox posted this 893 Views

While many people might think that internet hackers are the only threat to their private information that they should wary of, that is not actually the case at all. 30 Edmonton residents discovered this fact the hard way as their private financial particulars were recently found carelessly discarded on a construction site. The latest in Alberta's breach of privacy incidents in the past year and a half recently came to light when Edmonton construction workers discovered five boxes of files...

Increased Calgary Tourism Set to Support Home Sales

Kirby Cox posted this 681 Views

The world's media will be turning its attention to Canada this week following the arrival of royal newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The regal couple, who arrived in Ontario on Thursday June 30, in good time to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, will spend 8 days touring the country as part of their first official overseas engagement. Concluding with a 2 day stay in Calgary, Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton will take part in the city's Stampede Parade on July 8. Following...

Better Protection in the Works for Alberta Home Buyers

Kirby Cox posted this 1 747 Views

We’ve all heard the stories about home buyers purchasing brand new homes, only to find out within the first few years that there are serious problems with their purchase that require costly repairs. Across the country there have been problems with new homes, whether they’re single-family dwellings or condominiums; some home owners have been hit with such high repair costs that they’ve lost their homes as a result, particularly in cases of leaky condo repairs. It looks like things migh...

Using Trees to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Kirby Cox posted this 848 Views

When we talk about energy efficient homes, most people think of high tech systems installed in their homes or installations of new windows or insulation to keep the warm air in or out of your home as desired. However, there are low tech ways to make your home more energy efficient as well; one such way is by using landscaping with trees. Since many people spend part of the winter planning what landscaping changes they want to make in the spring, this is an excellent time to consider this str...