Increased Calgary Tourism Set to Support Home Sales


The world's media will be turning its attention to Canada this week following the arrival of royal newlyweds the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The regal couple, who arrived in Ontario on Thursday June 30, in good time to celebrate Canada Day on July 1, will spend 8 days touring the country as part of their first official overseas engagement. Concluding with a 2 day stay in Calgary, Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton will take part in the city's Stampede Parade on July 8. Following their whirlwind tour which includes visits to Quebec, Prince Edward Island and Yellowknife, the couple will spend 3 days in California before returning home to the UK.

Throughout Canada and the USA, anticipation is high; the young royals represent a kind of British monarchy-fever unseen since the days of Princess Diana. With such huge media interest, it will be good news for each of the locations on the Duke and Duchess's itinerary as news reporters from around the globe focus on their every move.

And this will only add to the confidence being felt here following a recent report that tourism in many parts of Canada is increasing considerably. A combination of strong economic growth and high employment is having a positive effect in attracting more pleasure visits to such cities as Calgary, and Conference Board of Canada forecasts are predicting increased tourism expenditure and revenue in the coming years.

With world-class hotels, dining and shopping it's little wonder that more and more people are visiting Calgary. And with a staggering range of events and attractions, including the world famous Stampede, Calgary Zoo, the new Telus Science Centre and the Sports Hall of Fame, plus a series of high-profile sporting events scheduled to take place in Calgary during 2011, there is no shortage of things to do in this great Alberta city.

Of course, with an anticipated increase in the number of visitors there has been a significant resurgence in the local condo market here in Calgary. Some of this growth in interest is likely linked to investment purchases, as demand for upscale short-term rentals becomes stronger with the growth in visitor numbers. But, as more people relocate to the city, from the UK, USA, and other Canadian provinces and towns, so the demand for residential housing has taken a swift upturn just lately. Reports that Calgary's MLS sales are due to show year-over-year increases during June are being welcomed by the local real estate industry. This is the first month since April 2010 that sales in condominium and single-family homes have shown such an increase, and this encouraging news has been well received by sellers, builders and developers throughout the Calgary area.

So, why not follow the excellent example set by HRH Prince William and his lovely bride, and come and discover Calgary and Alberta's many charms for yourself!

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