Selling Your Home: Using Buyers' Incentives


Ever wonder how you can get more prospective buyers to tour through homes that you’re working on selling for clients?

For one creative Chicago home owner, the strategy is in offering prospective buyers a “value added” bonus to buy her home. The Glenview resident decided that she needed some incentive to set her townhome apart from the others for sale in her area. Due to proximity to one of the local culinary establishments, that incentive was chosen to be a $1000 tab at Grandpa’s Place restaurant and bar across the street from her $450,000 townhome. While that isn’t quite the $1000 beer credit that the media is marketing it as, it would still be a great perk for home buyers, especially during the moving-in phase.

In any period of reduced home sales, it can be difficult to get more prospective buyers touring your home, especially if there are many other similar homes on your street for sale. Even if your incentive itself isn’t likely to convince people to buy your home, it is quite possible that it will persuade the more curious house shoppers to at least come and peruse your residence.

For Chicago home owner Melanie Gravdal, the incentive increased her home showings threefold and has given her home sale nationwide coverage. In addition, the management at Grandpa’s Place has allowed her to post fliers advertising her townhome for sale in the bar as well.

There are a variety of added-value incentives that you could use to encourage home buyers to come and view a home, depending on what amenities are close by in your area.

Consider offering buyers a:

  • Restaurant tab
  • Year-long gym membership
  • Lawn mowing service
  • Gift certificate to a plant nursery
  • Case of wine
  • Selection of gift cards to local businesses like: salons, spas, grocery stores, etc.

While some of these ideas might seem costly, consider that they can each be offered at a variety of costs to the home seller. While knocking $1000 off the price of a home might not make much difference, offering buyers a $1000 “gift” might make them at least come and check out your home.

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