Taking Time to Invest in Your Community


For many business people, it is not enough just to work in a community; we want to make connections and feel like we are a part of the environment that we live and work in. One great way that you can become more involved with your community is with charitable works.

Getting involved with area charities in one (or more) of a variety of ways can help you make a connection with the people who live and work in your community; it can also help make you feel more connected to your community and help you network with residents in your area.

How you go about giving something back to your community depends very much on where you live and what you can give. For many people who want to invest in their areas, it is very hard to set aside time out of their busy schedule to volunteer somewhere on a weekly basis.

For anyone who already is short on time there is the option of making a financial donation to a worthy cause, or setting aside a piece of time once a month, or even a few times a year. If you have some free time that you can spare, there are a whole wide range of volunteer positions that you can do to help out a variety of organizations.

Some ways that you can give back to your community include:

Volunteering: There are many places in every city that need volunteers, for example: local food bank, library, senior centres, community theatre, service clubs, coaching a sports team, or Meals on Wheels. This type of volunteering is good because you can help out in an important “first hand” kind of way; often it is hard for organizations to find enough volunteers.

Sponsor an event: Often there are opportunities to sponsor events that are being organized that just need some financial support. This type of support is good particularly if you’re busy and can’t spare time to help out or organize an event of your own; though, you can sponsor an event AND help out at it as well!

Make a donation: There are numerous organizations and charities in every city that can use monetary donations or donations of food, clothing, building supplies, or other items.

Participate in an event: Most communities have a number of public events to raise money for causes, including food drives, “fun runs”, walks, etc.

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