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Krista Kehoe

Home Staging For Spring Selling

Krista Kehoe posted this 243 Views

It's that time of year again. The winter blues have started to fade away and the promise of summer is almost upon us: It's spring, the time of year when enthusiastic and energetic home buyers find the strength to shake off the snow and take to the streets to find their dream home, thanks to the newly blossoming foliage and green grass reappearing in yards. This means huge potential for new home sales, but are your staging skills up to the task of satisfying this demand for spring sales come ...

Real Estate Photography: The New First Impression

Krista Kehoe posted this 321 Views

Pretty much everyone these days is using the Internet when looking to identify potential homes to buy. So unlike in the old days, when it was all about curb appeal, now that invaluable first impression is made by real estate photography. Consider the implications of that. You could miss out on potential buyers simply because a badly lit photo makes the house appear dark, or a poor angle makes it seem small. While no one is claiming that you need to be a professional photographer to be a real...

How To Research A Neighbourhood Before Buying A House

Krista Kehoe posted this 364 Views

Buying a house is a big decision and the neighbourhood you choose will have a direct affect on your happiness. Before you hone in on individual properties, take the time to thoroughly research each potential neighbourhood you may want to live in. By the time your dream home comes onto the market, you'll already know with confidence that it's in the right spot. Explore In The Morning, Noon & Night The way a community feels can vary greatly from day to night, so make sure you explore...

The Must Have Kitchen Trends For 2014 (& Beyond!)

Krista Kehoe posted this 1,800 Views

Move aside butler pantries, trash compactors and wine coolers—there are new trends on the horizon for the heart of our homes! Open concept floorplans continue to be all the rage, so it's little surprise we're seeing more and more homes combine kitchens with living spaces. Imagine two gorgeous rooms separated by only a kitchen island, or a large kitchen that flows into a dining room, then living room, then bedroom. This ongoing desire for liberating amounts of space is important to keep ...

Real Estate For Senior Citizens - Helping Seniors Buy & Sell Homes

Krista Kehoe posted this 563 Views

The senior population is growing in Calgary and beyond, as the baby boom generation is reaching retirement. That means the real estate market is shifting as buyer demands transform with an aging population. Understanding what seniors are looking for in real estate can help us serve them better and ensure their needs are met. Unique Considerations of Seniors Real Estate Refinancing--Seniors have access to all the traditional mortgages, assuming they are generating enough income. In a...

Calgary Real Estate Advertising Rules You Probably Forgot About

Krista Kehoe posted this 369 Views

Here in Calgary, the real estate industry is highly competitive. That means real estate agents will try almost anything to get ahead in the game, occasionally at the cost of the Real Estate Council of Alberta's advertising guidelines for Calgary real estate. Let's take a look at some of the most common violations we see our fellow real estate agents accidentally committing: Advertising Combined Years of Experience -- This metric is completely arbitrary and doesn't give clients a...

Is Sex the Only Way to Sell Real Estate in Calgary?

Krista Kehoe posted this 852 Views

The Calgary real estate market is abuzz. Not with a sensational listing, or a new way to stage, but with one agent's promotional materials. Many critics call her billboard unnecessarily suggestive. Some go as far as to say it's dangerous. Her supporters, however, don't see the issue; the message is eye-catching and makes her stand out against other agents. The billboard's slogan is unmistakable: "Let me take you home... It's gorgeous inside." This hits very close to Jeff Buziak, the fathe...

3 Tips for Great MLS Listings

Krista Kehoe posted this 570 Views

Have you ever taken a stroll through online MLS listings and noticed a discrepancy in the information that is offered? Depending on the area, you can often see some pretty interesting trends. While a good many listings have comprehensive descriptions and a multitude of pictures to properly show what they offer, a disturbing number of them have little or no description and only a few poorly composed pictures to entice buyers with. You would think that in this “Information Age” people...

A Brief History of Recycling in Home Construction

Krista Kehoe posted this 869 Views

Reusing items that would otherwise be thrown away to help build homes has been an element of home construction for as long as people have been building homes. While we have certainly gone through periods where recycled elements are less common, it’s easy to look back in our history to find many examples of this practice. In many historical periods, it was common to build roads over existing roads and buildings atop of ancient foundations. In the UK, many modern roads sit on top of ...

Buggy Housemates: Silverfish

Krista Kehoe posted this 1,001 Views

Probably almost anyone who’s ever lived in a house within the areas of the world where silverfish are found has seen these speedy little critters at one time or another. These annoying—but otherwise harmless—little creepy crawlies can be found in almost every location in the world. What are Silverfish? Silverfish are flat silvery gray or silvery brownish insects that can be found in sizes up to an inch long. Silverfish have an elongated teardrop shaped body that is wider ...