Real Estate Marketing Posts Round Up!

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I've written a lot of real estate posts over the years and I thought I'd do a round-up to make it easy for everyone to find my "wisdom". I know it sounds like I'm tooting my horn here pretty badly, but there is a lot of good useful information for agents to dwell on.With that being said, there are also a ton of other great articles on the subject so I thought a quick and gritty round up would be great for everyone here. I'll try and link up everything covered under marketing including SEO...

5 Twitter Apps To Help You Attract Local Followers

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Local search can drive some really good leads, especially when it comes to real estate. Obviously, twitter is a nice way to interact with your potential clientele, but they could be absolutely anywhere in the world. Twitter has been trying to make it easier on people looking for specific tweets in certain areas, but it only goes so far. Location and tag based twitter stats are very valuable and there's more than a few websites that have realized the hole there. As a result, they try to fill ...