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Palm Harbor Real Estate

Palm Harbor Real Estate consists of fine homes in Lansbrook, Cobbs Landing, Ridgemoor, East Lake Woodlands, East Lake and so many subdivisions.

Lansbrook Village Rentals

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Did you know that the Lipply Real Estate Group has a few select rentals in Lansbrook Village?  Since many of our real estate agents, close friends and family, and even some of our investment customers have purchased villas and condos in Lansbrook Village we have agreed to help them keep the properties rented.  Call or email us to check on availability in Lansbrook Village. What is available right now?  Click the link:    www.lansbrookvillagecondos.com/ For Sale...

Alderman Ridge Subdivision - Palm Harbor, FL

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Alderman Ridge in Palm Harbor is your typical family neighborhood with newer homes (built in the early 1990s), 3 and 4 bedrooms and 2 car garages.  Most people that live in this neighborhood have children due to the popular public schools in the area.  Within walking distance are Carwise Middle School and Highland Lakes Elementary, both highly rated schools in the area.  Square footage of the homes range from 1500 - 1850 sq. ft. which was a typical build back in that time.&...

Affordable Homes in Palm Harbor Florida

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Many growing families are searching out single family homes in Palm Harbor Florida but are finding that they are getting priced out of the market.  While it's true that many homes are upwards of $400,000 there's still some available much lower than that, especially if you are willing to do some fixing up!  Don't rule out an outdated home, look at each home with a keen eye for remodeling.  Try to have a vision of what it could look like, not just how it looks today.  Some o...


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Ridgemoor in the East Lake area of Palm Harbor is an excellent choice for someone looking for a large community with a grand entrance and many individual subdivisions. The East Lake location is tops on most peoples lists due to the excellent schools in the area, fine homesites, lakefront property and many conservation views.  Homes range in price from the low $300,000's on up to over $3,000,000.  You can even find new construction in Hawks Landing!   If you are lookin...

Family Homes in the East Lake Corridor of Palm Harbor

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Many people ask for my opinion on some of the best family neighborhoods in the East Lake area Palm Harbor and Tarpons Springs .  While there are many to choose from, some stand out from the rest in terms of affordability for a growing family and location to the schools.  First, I would suggest looking at homes in Boot Ranch and Brookers Landing.  Homes in these subdivisions have been around a few years but have been maintained very well.  The homes are not so large th...

New Listing in the Groves of Cobbs Landing

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Who says you can never go home again?  I love the Groves of Cobbs Landing, this is where we built our first home and raised our kids.  I have many fond memories of this Palm Harbor subdivision.  Now I have the pleasure of selling a home in there.  This just could be the perfect family neighborhood in all of Palm Harbor FL. I remember when we sold our home.  The couple came to the negotiation table with a key lime pie and flowers.  They really wanted to buy our h...

Palm Harbor FL Homes

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Palm Harbor Florida is a wonderful place to live with a population of approximately 80,000, and only a 15 to 30 minute drive to the beach.  The beautiful, sunny weather makes it an attractive place to live for people of all ages.  Palm Harbor is known for their outstanding, A-rated schools, and there are many activities available for people of all ages and interests.  Real Estate in Palm Harbor has significantly increased in value over the past ten years.  There are appro...

Palm Harbor Life -- Sun, Sand, and Water

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Sun, sand and water – those are the ingredients for a great vacation destination – or a spectacular home town. Palm Harbor, located just about midway down the Gulf Coast of Florida, is both. The unincorporated town has become one of Florida’s fastest growing communities – and with good reason. Palm Harbor’s proximity to Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg give residents easy access to fine dining and big city amenities while preserving the relaxed atmosphere of a small...