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All about property in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

Oldsmar FL ~ Small Town Charm

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Looking for the best of both worlds in a town to live? Then look no further than Oldsmar, Florida, a community with small-town charm and big-city convenience. Located on the northern tip of Tampa Bay, between Tampa and Clearwater, Oldsmar is an ideal place to live. Developed by Oldsmobile creator Ransom Olds in 1913 to be the “ideal community”, Oldsmar is one of the most picturesque communities in the Tampa area. With beautiful neighborhoods, parks, and waterfront, it is also...

Tampa Upscale Areas: Carrollwood & Davis Island

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Two popular area that everyone loves in the Tampa area are Carrollwood and Davis Islands. First, up in the northern part of Tampa is the Carrollwood area, known for mature homes and established neighborhoods with small lakes.  Locals gather at the Cultural Arts center on Lowell Rd on the weekends to take in a weekend performance. Another happening place is the  Carrollwood Players Community Theater on Gunn Highway. The Carrollwood Village area is ideal for walking or riding your bi...

Condo Investors - Check out Tampa

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Come October 5, 2008 one lucky investor will be able to purchase the remaining 171  condos at The Place at Channelside.  Unfortunately, The Place at Channelside has become another insolvent development due to the overbuilt condo market in the Tampa Bay area.  A Tampa bankruptcy judge has given the order for the auction of the last vacant group of condos to be bought with a minimum reserve price of a little over $17 million dollars. These are luxury condos built near the Por...

Seniors! Visit Florida in the Fall

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As one of the nation's top tourist destinations and popular relocation area for seniors, Tampa is home to numerous theme parks, upscale shopping and flea markets, golf courses, resorts and spas, and the famous gulf coast beaches. And, if you visit in the Fall you can experience comfortable weather, less traffic and less crowds. That's right! The kids are back in school and the summer heat and humidity is backing down, making way for an enjoyable Fall and Winter in the Tampa Bay area. So, ...

Fractional Ownership ~ What Is It?

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Fractional ownership has been around for some time but it may be a new term to some of us.  Popular in some of the tourist areas, such as Tampa Bay, Fractional ownership simply means "the division of any asset into portions or shares".  If the "asset" is real estate for example, the deed can be legally divided into shares and each purchaser owns a part of the deed.  The assets are taxable, represent equity, and can appreciate or depreciate in value when the...

Tampa Bay ~ First Signs of a Balanced Real Estate Market

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In their monthly "Marketplace Analysis", the Pinellas Realtor Organization released some figures announcing the first signs of a balanced market in one price range.  According the PRO, "there's been a slight shift in reported MSI (Month's Supply of Inventory) as of March 2008.  MSI is the number of months it would take to sell all the homes on the market at a given price range for any given point in time". They report that for single family homes: MSI of 9...

Tampa Bay Home Sales Shift Emerges

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Home Sales Shift Emerges" was the headline in the Business section today of the St. Petersburg Times.  Finally something positive!  Well, almost positive.  But, hey, they are trying.  The article goes on to say that while home sale are still declining in the Tampa Bay area, our area is falling much less that half of the state of Florida's average.  How's that?  Well apparently all the short sales that we have in the area are finally moving.  In fact, s...

Tampa Bay Homebuyers - Look for "Motivated Sellers"

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Probably true in most parts of the country - but especially here in Tampa Bay are desperate home sellers.  Otherwise known as "Motivated Sellers" but these are the sellers that have to sell their homes.  They have been transferred (happens all the time here), laid off, divorced, you name it - whatever lifestyle change that caused this - THEY NEED TO SELL THEIR HOME!  Most times, whatever it takes - they need to find a buyer. And, quite frankly, they are not afraid...

Tampa Bay Flat Fee MLS

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There are many options when selling your home.  One of which is Flat Fee MLS Home selling.  That's what this blog will attempt to explain.  Comparing the options between FSBO, Flat Fee MLS, and Full Service will better equip you to determine which plan is best for you. So what's this Tampa Bay Flat Fee MLS service all about? Basically for a small administrative fee paid to a real estate agent, they list your home on the MLS and Realtor.com f...

Okay Tampa Buyers, You Can Come Back Now

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Tampa Bay sellers are on board.  The painful buyer's market (well painful for the sellers) has taught us all a lesson.  Price matters.  Price really matters today.  Location and condition are almost equally important but in today's market it's all about the price.  Earlier this year, many sellers tried to test the waters and see if they could get their inflated price.  Well as you can imagine, it didn't work and many of them have either taken their homes off the...