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Tarpon Springs Sunset Beach

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Ever since we learned that Fred Howard Park closed for renovations (it will be closed until Fall 2009), we’ve all been wondering where else to go in Tarpon Springs to enjoy the beach and take in a sunset.  Many of our past customers have bought homes close to this beach and are not happy about the closing. Well, we discovered a little known place not far from Fred Howard called Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach is a bit south of Fred Howard Park, off of Florida Avenue. ...

Tarpon Springs Fred Howard Beach is Closing

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It's just temporary, but for 15 long months we can't go to our favorite beach.  I kind of forgot about this but an email today reminded me: WE WERE AT FRED HOWARD BEACH TODAY AND ENJOYED OURSELVES .......WE SAW A BIG SIGN  SAYING   THAT THE BEACH IS TO BE CLOSED STARTING SEPT.2  AND CLOSED TILL NEXT YEAR......WHAT IS GOING ON......??????  YOUR REPLY WILL BE GRATEFULLY ACCEPTED. We get all sorts of inquiries; we have lots of fun at staff meetings comp...

Saving Paper :: Two New Ideas

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I'm always trying to save paper, cut down on paper work, and get rid of junk mail.  One thing I learned today that never occurred to me before is that you can have the delivery of the yearly phone book stopped.  Every year, I get the new one, recycle the old one, and put the new one in its place - in the closet in the back room.  Never to be opened.  Does anyone actually use the phone book anymore?  I know I don't. We are sometimes amused by the few, but regular re...

Northfield at Lansbrook's New Sign

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At long last the Northfield subdivision of Lansbrook finally looks like it belongs!  The brand new sign from the street proudly displaying "Lansbrook" has been installed. Being the only subdivision in the Lansbrook community that is in Tarpon Springs and with a separate entrance to it, no wonder many people didn't know that Northfield was one of the 19 subdivisions of Lansbrook. Northfield broke ground in the early 2000s with two builders:  David Weekley and Nohl Crest ...

Tarpon Springs Life - A Little Bit of Greece in Pinellas County

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     Imagine a little piece of Greece transplanted to the northern part of Pinellas County Florida . The delightful town of Tarpon Springs, which has a population of around 20,000 is famous for its unique Greek heritage and culture. It also has the distinction of being the oldest town in the St Petersburg / Tampa Bay area.      The first Greek immigrants were attracted to the area during the 1800s when they were employed in the thriving sponge indust...