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5 Steps For Finding A Great Roy Utah Home To Buy

LisaUdy posted this 1,263 Views

Being a home buyer in today's real estate market is great position to be in. With home prices on the decline and interest rates at phenomenal lows, buying a home hasn't been this affordable for years. If you're worried about the real estate market not yet at the bottom, you may not be ready to buy a home as real estate is back to a long term investment.   If you're looking to buy and flip your home in a couple of years for a nice profit, those days have been gone since 2006. The purpo...

10 Ways To Make Your Realtor Happy & Enjoy Your Real Estate Transaction

LisaUdy posted this 2 2,127 Views

We, as Realtors, can be pretty good at hiding our true emotions and we rarely admit what our biggest pet peeves in this business are. Let's face it, everyone, no matter what job you have, gets annoyed with something or other. Well, I wanted to open up the can of worms so you could see that we're human just like you. This post isn't meant to be another Realtor whining. Instead, it's meant as a learning experience and I feel it's a great way to be more transparent. First of all, any real es...

If You Haven't Sold Your Home After Six Months Change Strategies

LisaUdy posted this 2 2,065 Views

How long has your home been on the market? Over six months? Why? There are two reasons why your home hasn't sold after half a year; you're listing is overpriced or you're home isn't in selling condition.  It's time to face facts. If your home isn't selling and the showings have stopped, it's time to change strategies.  Home Selling Strategies That Work 1. Reduce Your Price - I know you don't want to, but it's the best option to get your home sold. No matter how much marketing you do...

Ogden Utah Real Estate - A Gateway To America's Best Adventure Town

LisaUdy posted this 2,661 Views

Ogden, Weber Counties largest metropolitan, is located in Northern, Utah between Logan and Salt Lake City nestled at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. For many years Ogden was considered a second class city but that's changed. Ogden's local government representatives decided to take hold of a new plan for the city, and they hit the nail on the head. Named as one of America's Best Adventure Towns by National Geographic, the city has made huge strides over the last ten years to overcome t...

Did You Miss Out On The Tax Credit? So What! Mortgage Rates Are To Good To Pass Up.

LisaUdy posted this 1,191 Views

The first time home buyer tax credit ending in April brought a lot of buyers to the table before the credit ended. In the Cache County real estate market, the number of homes that sold in April of 2009 compared to April 2010 was 23% higher, and May is already showing an increase in sold's compared to last year with a week left to go. The credit boosted the market offering people money.  If you missed out on the credit, give yourself a round of applause, because you may just be smarte...

Platinum Real Estate Group Is Proud To Announce Three New Agents Joining Our Team!

LisaUdy posted this 1 4,080 Views

The Platinum Real Estate Group, a real estate agency in Logan Utah, is proud to announce three new real estate agents joining our team. Agents Paula Baker, Carrie Bartlett-Hunter, and Andrea Maughan have all joined our brokerage in May. All agents work with both buyers and sellers covering Cache County, Utah and Box Elder County.  Meet The Team!   Paula Baker Paula has bought and sold many homes with large peices of acreage. Paula owns a small ranch in Soda Spr...

Has The Cache Valley Real Estate Market Hit The Bottom?

LisaUdy posted this 1 1,348 Views

 That all depends on what you consider to be the bottom. What I mean is, has the price of homes sold reached a low, or is it the amount of homes that have sold reached a low.  Whatever your bottom is, it may have hit us in January in the Cache Valley real estate market. Let's break down the numbers and let you decide.  Let's start out by looking at the price of homes sold and the price per square feet.  Price per square feet January 2010 - $73 | January 2009 - &nbsp...

What Is Your Logan Utah REALTOR(R) Doing For You?

LisaUdy posted this 1,403 Views

If you're in the Logan Utah real estate market, are you trying to deicde what professional REALTOR(R) to work with? Do you already have an agent? What made you choose to work with them? Whether you are working with a REALTOR(R) or you are trying to decide who to work with in your real estate transaction, here are a few things to know about what we do. Real estate agents have a fiduciary duty to work in your best interests. We are responsible for putting your best interests in front of our...

What You Need To Know About The Cache Valley Short Sale Process

LisaUdy posted this 1,333 Views

If you are struggling in today's tough economy, one fact remains, you are not alone. There are many millions of families all over the country that are not only struggling to stay afloat, they are struggling to stay in their homes.  Many of these families have found alternatives when it comes to selling their homes, or going into foreclosure. These families are participating in the Short Sale process and are avoiding foreclosure. What You Need To Know About The Cache Valley Short Sale...

Providence Utah Real Estate Market Comparison

LisaUdy posted this 1,539 Views

As of today Providence has 55 active homes on the market.  42 Providence Utah homes have sold in the last 180 days.  83 Homes In Providence have sold in the last year.  With those numbers, we can tell there is 7.85 months worth of inventory on the market. If we compare that to the other markets in Cache Valley we can see how stable the Providence market is, and gauge where the market is heading.  Logan Utah currently has 231 active homes on the market.  ...